BERTRAM ADA!®, at Brown's Camp, Center Love11, Maine. Reviewed by i.rulholland, Jr.

"There was an audience of about 60. Just the crowd that you'd expect at one of the higher priced, out-of-the-way places - mostly married couples, elderly persons, and young children. I-V. Adams set up his show from a cleverly contrived travelling kit during the dinner hour without the benefit of screens or curtains in fact, with a large plate glass window almost behind him. Throughout the performance the audience never was enthusiastic, but always was friendly and appreciative.

The Serpent Silk with hand reel opened. It catches the eye and holds attention. Then an organ pipe production with base-balls. The rice bowls were next, with a vanish of the water from the disappearing bowl. This reviewer had always thot that an assistant was necessary to hold the tray, as two hands were required to lift the bowl (?) throu the cloth from above, but Mr. Adams managed to set the tray against a table quite gracefully and unsuspiciously.

The torn and restored paper with sucker ending was next done with a sheet from the Saturday Evening Post. Old as it may seem to metropolitan magi, it was brand new to this Maine audience, most of whom come, as vacationists, from principal cities in the East.

The spirit bell was then shown with several original twists. Firstly, the bell shown to the audience actually rang, which is more than can be said for the bell used by a performer-lecturer -«ho features it. Secondly, it was placed in a small box which concealed it from view during the ringing. To me, this was more mysterious than putting it under a glass, as is common with magi who follow original instructions and never try to improve. Thirdly, the bell that rang gave exactly the same tone as the bell in the box. It was not concealed on the person, hence sounded clearly instead of the muffled tinkle you get in the regular version.

Then came a magic 4x4 square. Go ahead and groan if you want to. Many of the S.A.M.#1 boys do when-------shows such stuff at meeting nite shows, but in I'r. Adams' hands it was one of the hit numbers on the program. He had an attractive blackboard with chromium fixings, and green lines ruled to match the color of his tables.

The came the census memory. Small sheets, with the population of about 100 of our principal American cities printed thereon, were hand-around and the calls made from the sheet, what could be more logical? And then you kept the she at, reading afterwards, at the bottom: "Don't forgeti For that Special Occasion at your club or Home, follow the example of hundreds of clever hosts and hostesses, who, each season engage BERTRAM ADAMS with his novel program of hocus-pocus ."

Then the mutilated watch was given as a one man stunt. Placed in a bag the borrowed timepiece was slung around and accidentally hit upon a hard object. The pieces were placed in a sheet of flash paper which did was expected of it by the magician (?) present. The watch was found subsequently in the nest of boxes.

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