In preparation you must type the 16 lists on a card flexible enough for clear typewriter work. Then cut the lists into strips, remembering that their number values run from 3 through 18. Numbers 1 and 2 cannot be made when using three dice. Make two pocket indexes for eight strips apiece so that you can reach into either trousers pocket and secure the one you might want.

In action you proceed as has been described with the first list thrown down, but for the second, narrow strip,you take from your pocket the

That ample time is for securing the proper strip from one of your pockets. It is finger-palmed along the second finger of the hand that gets it. Pick up the tabled narrow strip with your empty hand when the person starts to write. Have him put paper down and then hand him the strip, but you've switched, and had more time with no attention on you than you'll ever get on any other trick. Now he compares the strip and card in alignment and discovers the word he won. Then you ask that your prophecy paper, and stress that you wrote it BEFORE the dice made the story, be compared with its other half upon which the spectator has written his selection. The word MUST come out correctly. Of course, if the dice total 11, and we suggested that number simply because 10 and 11 are tops on percentage with 3 dice, you have a super miracle for magicians because no switch of strips is necessary. But that's more than most of us can hope for, leading the lives we do.

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