he is thinking of a word) and then names the first letter of one of the two words. If she hits it, all well and good. If she doesn't she merely asks him to try the last letter and then she names the last letter of the other word and works backwards. Thus she reveals what almost seems to be impossible except for telepathy.

The performer put over a very cute bit of business Just before the gentleman phoned. He picked up the three cards used to find the word, keeping them in order with the smallest valued card at the back, and put them Into the subject's right hand coat pocket with their faces nearest his body. Finished with the word the medium turns her attention to the cards. She says, "How did you pick the word? By mixing up numbers or with a deck of cards?" Then she says, "Where are the cards now?" And then she says, "Take just one out of your pocket and look at it very intently."

The old dodge of having cards thus removed from a pocket holds crood here. He won't ever fail to reach in and bring out the cards in order, starting with the outside one first. It is very difficult for him to do anything else. She now makes a stab in the dark at the color of it. She knows the value because of the word giving her the "value" identity of all three cards. If right, she then makes a stab in the dark at the suit. If wrong on color she makes a stab at one of the other color suits. And if wrong all the way she says, "I'm not getting a good impression at all. You must be getting tired. All I

can see are ---- hazy spots." And she names the correct number.

Then she 3ays, "Take another card out and try to picture yourself either wearing a big diamond, shaking a big club, digging with a spade, or receiving a valentine in the shape of a big heart. And immediately she names the suit correctly. This is no trouble, for after getting the suit of the first of the three cards she knows what the other two are because of the stack order. And the naming of the last card is no more difficult except that she asks him to keep It In his pocket and she will try to project her mind to that very spot and attempt to glimpse ltl

The performer can even add to things by say-Ins that he doesn't care to know the word himself. And so the mystery Is unfolded. Drawings, a word, and cards have been revealed from a distance.

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