Practically automatic is the working of this cute and impromptu table trick. If the reader will take two such bills in hand and roll them as per instructions and diagram, they will find that after the five spot Is completely rolled, the last edge will 'flop' over and over as the rolling of the one spot is completed. However, only one 'flop' of the five spot is heeded. At this point, the lonlooker is asked to place his finger on the unrolled portion of the one spot. Then, after the above mentioned statement, the bills are unrolled and the five spot is found on top. This is an excellent night club table stunt, or Impromptu feat good at any time of the day or night.

(carry on)

front of the chair and restin- on the floor a-galnst the seat, .¿hen ready for the trick, ask for the tirae, picK up the plain sheet, and start folding ?.nd tearing, or foldin;; and clipping. When finished, have paper (folded about to size) in ri~ht hand. Step over and pick up frame with the ri^ht hand (you are at left of it) and place it on chair seat leaning against the back. The fingers of ri.jht hend holding paper have gone in back (thumb in front) for a second, and the plain paper has been dropped in the capacious pocket. As the frame is set in place, the ri hand secures the correct dial and the hand reappears apparently holding the same paper. This positively is a natural bit of business. Another possible switch coming to mind is with a variated chair servante. Retain -the bag part, but elongate the clip part so as to hold at least five of the dials. Kith the right hand holdinr paper, move the CiJir Into position by the back, and nake the switch while with left hand you place any sort of background into position on the seat.

s The Jinx is fundamentally an offering for .advanced magi, I have no qualms of concience

["silver or coppkr. (Conrad Bush) |

Effect: The performer borrows a handkerchief and places it over the open palm of his 'right band, center of the handkerchief being over the palm and the ends draping over the hend. A half dollar end an English penny, token, or lucky piece (How about a Qreen River coin? Ed.,) ere shown and placed on the handkerchief. The hand turns palm downward so that the handkerchief covers the coins, end It is twisted around them making their eecape inpossible. A spectator now holds the ends of handkerchief and can feel the coins inside. Still holding the ends he names a coin he wants, silver or copper, and the performer removes coin apparently through the cloth.

Method: The borrowed handkerchief is draped over the open right hand and the coins put on it. The thumb, first and second fingers of right hand grasp the coins thru the cloth and hold them fanned apart, one overlapping the other. '¿he right side of body should be feeing the audience.

With the coins in this position the right hand is turned over, palm to floor. If the hand Is turned over slowly, the handkerchief will not fall completely from the hand, but one end will be draped over the arm. .¿he left hand comes over, picking up this end and removing it from right arm, bringing the end down with the other ends. It is in this position that the important move takes place. As the left hand brings the end down, the left hand will be directly under the right, and at this moment the right hand releases one of the coins ( it does not matter which one) which is caught in the left hand. Hand containing coin is brought up In back of the handkerchief and the coin placed against the one in handkerchief. This should all be done in one continuous move.

Handkerchief is now folded around the coins and twisted to hold them in place. A spectator holds the ends with one hand and with his free hand Is allowed to feel the coins within the folds. He is then asked which coin he wants. If the silver coin is outside the handkerchief and that is the one he wants, take it from the folds with a pulling and twisting action as if you were working it through the cloth and give it to him. If he had asked for copper you would have done the same thing and kept the silver coin, telling him he has what he asked for and you'll take back the other.

For those who exercise a little more skill I can -ive a more subtle method. Everything is the sa.-.e up to the point where fight hand turns palm dovmv/ard. Instead of a slow turnover, the rifTht hand is brough around to the left in a rather fast seni-circle which will throw the handkerchief from over the right hand when it will hang from the finders and thunb of right hand holding it. as ti.e ri~iit hand is being turned over and is about half way around, one

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