The worst value in years is "Flash Magic" by Lindhorst, and now advertised to the skies at $10.00. I hate to think v/hat Guy Jarrett would say about it. It is offset printed, with the type so small that even I have difficulty reading it, and the sketches are borrov/ed In substance from, to a great extent, magazine exposes of illusions. Most of .the 100 tricks are described amateurishly In one or two lines only, and the whole thing is stuck into a Woolworth Looseleaf book. There's nothing new in it, and there's no value except for the twenty cent cower. That's the worst review I've ever given anything, but when I saw it, I couldn't help going up in the air. Lindhorst's piano business must be in a bad way.

Count Orloff, the Ilew York Nite Club Sponge Ball Impressario, can do a Charlier (one-hand)

Pass with a pack of giant cards'!---i/ho was the nobleman of magic who upset the H.Y. magic shop by coming in too tight to talk about, and woUnd up by sticking his head through whose office door window? --- Robert Rhinehart ha3 been doing a Keating, by going half-legitimate in a stage production called "The Meal Ticket." It opened in Philadelphia, earned bad reviews, and is being rewritten. --- Richard Dubois, the S.A.M.

Hat'l Sec'y, has signed up for three years with the Pond agency, and will be offered for the engagements that Harlan Tarbell is too ill to play. --- Robert Parrish rung bells with his Duo-Telepathy effect In Jinx Ho. 29, according to comments received. The iter, embracing two effects, and too clean for words, fits in well with the

"En Rapport" routine. --- Dave Bamberg (Fu Manehu)

opens on March 4th at the Teatro Servantes on 116th Street in Hew York City. Direct from Cuba and South -America, he'll have the largest magic show (twelve tons) in the states. --- Bebe Stanton, erstv/hile wife and partner of Norman Fres-cott, is rather on the rocks and wants a partner for the sending end. Frescott and she were together for 12 years, and played the best spots available, and Bebe left top spots with her singing and dancing to go with him. ..'here in the devil is Martin Sunshine? Since he and Betty have called it a day, there might be the makings of a quite perfect combination here. --- Tee-hee Dept.-Sun-

day papers just ran an ad showing Larvo, the Magician at a party. He was asked by one to "make our friend Joe's "B.O." disappearJ" He has "Joe" take a card from the pack, and when "Joe" looks at the card he reads, "A kind friend of yours

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