Lay this card on top of deck and have the Joker underneath. Vhen you take deck from case, shuffle but keep these two on top. The cut out end is nearest you. Now hold deck face down on left hand with the cut out end still at your end. As long as the cards are kept squared the backs blend and the cut out cannot be seen.

After using the patter theme suggested step to the first party and have him lift the right hand corner of top card and note it. Vithout making a move, step to another person at a little distance and have him do the same, BUT HE LIFTS THE LEFT CORNER AND NOTES CARD. All you have to do is present this corner to him for him to lift without saying anything other than that he is also to note top card.It is rather strange but somehow no one seems to realize that the index would not be at that corner and if deck is held so that is the corner nearest them, and at the same ti me .performer tells them to also lift and look at card, they will do it. Thus two people have seen different cards without performer changing position of deck in hand or making a move.

Now performer starts towards third party and merely squares up the deck very simply and openly but in doing so turns the deck.

This party also lifts and looks at the right hand corner. And immediately afterwards', the performer very deliberately deals the top card face down onto table. However, the missing corner of feked card makes a perfect second deal possible and the joker is the one dealt.

The effect is over except for the climax. During the naming of the cards and the general interest and comment caused .at this time, the top feked card is palmed off and pocketed very simply. This leaves everything clear and a great impression has been made.

You will find that the audience will give you a lot of credit for this feat. They'll consider you a great card man and will talk about the way you must have switched or changed the cards and how fast it must have been done.

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