full-sized (double paged) newspaper. Use a s~iall square strip of newspaper about the size of a postage stamp. This, in turn, is covered by a square of newspaper which completely covers the packet on all sides. Rubber cement is excellent for this type of pasting preparation.

Show the newspaper front and back. Fold it in half and then lengthwise in quarters. The load stays back-most. Tear off about one-third of the bottom, opening the bottom of the pocket. Insert the hand and rip open the right hand edge. Turn this centermost, leaving the actual load exposed back-most. Make a pretended tear along the right and left margins, and a few other pretentious tears.

Lastly tear off the uppermost level through the attachment and thereby releasing the load in its entirety.

Fold up the paper (what's left of it — for in your tearing you can get rid of quite a bit) and reverse the the entire mass "during the crumpling process. Unfold the front portion and the torn out letters make their appearance. The audience generally likes the sentiment

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