ognised the very clever DeMuth Milk Bottle trick, used heretofore for a penetration or passe passe trick, but given here in an entirely new atmosphere and dress. The placing of the straw serves to release the vent disc and make the "drinking of the milk" action automatic.

(I want to come in on this again and say that Stewart has routined this series of effects in a "sweet" manner. The act opens very strong, gets a quick surprise with No. 2, and settles down with a thought wringer on No. 3. The audience then gets No. 4 and No. 5 in succession for a finish. It is my hope that readers will try the routine as given before they start the inevitable changes and improvements. This should find a good home in many club programs this winter.)

SEFALALJIA (continued from page 471)

PLACE BY THE PIN. The ring, still on the tape, is returned to the owner and the volunteer allowed to examine the cabinet.

The cabinet is turned with curtain side to the audience. A cellophane wrapped cigar is unwrapped and the weed placed into a glass tumbler. When put into the open cabinet, the spook is found evidently to be a tobacco addict, for the cigar is seen to smoke furiously.

Lastly the lid of the cabinet is raised to accomodate a quart bottle of milk. A straw is inserted and as the thirsty spook imbibes a quantity of the lacteal fluid the performer states, rather apologetically, that his pol-tergeistic friend always drinks a lot of milk at bed-time and that now it will be necessary to cease manifestations. "Even spirits have to observe union hours," quips (?) the performer as he takes a spiritual like bow to what we hope is not ghostly applause.

The box I used was a radio cabinet. It's size is 7" x 7" x 17". After using it for a long time I find the size just about riglit. The length may seem long to some, but the greater the distance between the glass tumbler and the rubber ball (first effect) which are placed at opposite ends makes a very good looking stunt for the opener.

The holes at each end are in diameter. The size allows of the cord with ring being easily pulled through. The screw-hook is of a #5 size. This is in the exact center of the lid, on the inside, being in line with the holes in the cabinet's ends. The final bit of cabinet detail (the only bit of fakery) is a needle size hole in the lid about from one end and at the center of the lid's width (or depth). The small hole will never be noticed.

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