Just as this Issue Is being finished so as to get out on tluie for onoe, a bit of news leaks out that another monthly publication is being readied for perusal by those magic minded. It is being plotted as a 6 x 9 in size and will con-1 tain four effects. The pages will be in loose leaf style and a binder furnished, I presume, at nominal cost. It will sell for a quarter. I don't feel at liberty to reveal the source but I wish him all the luck that he will need. I've found It far from an easy Job to supply twenty-nine effects in six Issues and actual experience has taugnt me that material for critical magi doesn't emulate the mushroom in development. However, be that as It may, I like to read tricks as well as anyone else and will look forward to a new opportunity for learning something.

Night Clubs and after theatre dene still continue to be fertile spots for intimate trick magis. In New York it seems as though one can't turn around without getting a conjuror in his cooktall or a soroerer in hi* soup. Dal Vernon packed his cups, balls and oarda ani trekked eastward from the Casino de Paree to the Madison Hotel wnere the cooktall patrons and after theatre loiterers are now picked up and let down hard with his care-free deviltry.

Count Orloff, of uniform and medal fame, am with whom a aet of sponge balls could be no happier, has also left the spot to which he seemed rooted; and now the wide eyed orowd that infest a the 3 ay Nineties Club attests to his amiable personality, innocent mien, and interminable stories about his anoestry.

Leon and Eddie's is an lnatltution in this town when it oomea to night spots, fiddle has always taken care of the entertaining alone with his ribaldry. For the first time however, a new face is appearing through the sigarette smoke and it turns out to be Paul Duke who has made most of the haze with hie innumerable olgarette routines. I was honestly surprised at the reception accorded his adeptness because the crowd that al-»ar* makes this rendevous its' stopping off place, wouldn't, by any stretch of imagination, be expected to 'go for' a maglolan. It only goes to show the attention a good man oan get. K smart act, modern in style, and presented smoothly will click every tluie and place.

Russell Swann Is still haunting Chicago and if he weren't getting by in such a swell manner I'd write him to come home. I miss those complicated but ornery cooktalls he oan put together. They don't pour out. Instead they dance from the shaker and look awfully lnnooent as they go down. Then they turn on you quiok and, well, that's about all. (Chicago boys take notice and advantage) Russell Jumped from the Chez Paree show into the Stevens Hotel which Is Just another way of saying the word class. Perhaps that pretty assistant is the reason for it all, but on second thought, icing alone doesn't make the cake taste good. That man Swann Just has plenty on the ball.

Tommy Martin still walks In and out of the Kmplre Room at the Palmer House when it is show time. His manipulations have amazed Just too many professionals and florny himself told me that he 'couldn't Imagine where Xomaiy got it from but he certainly was a showman. 1

Le Paul does his stint at the Morrison, that with this array of talent In Chicago I'm hard put to say more nioe things. Luoklly everybody knows this champion of pasteboards and the best I could say called 'twaddle' while such disparagers of my opinion would try topping each other with adjectives denoting greatness. (That*s getting out of a tough spot)

When I put Vincent Dalban's letter In the ¿3 Jinx I didn't have the slightest idea that it would stir up as many replies as it did with practical solutions for the problem set forth. I know now that such queries will get action and it Is acid always has been my belief that any effect oan be solved and a workable method found. Please send me more of them. I'll put them before over 600 (at present; practical performers. If they weren't practical they wouldn't be looking for The Jinx every month, someone will work out a good method for the effect you would like to do or solve that one little catch that prevents you from putting In a new number.

I want every reader of The Jinx to unllmber a pencil or pen and send me a postcard. I don't want to look at the pictures. I want to read opinions on the following question; "Would The Jinx receive YOUR support if it were to be published twice a month?" That's all I want to know. On the 1st and the 15th of each month The Jinx can come striding tnrough your door and not be r

% The Jinx is an Independent monthly for A © magicians and'published by Theo. Annemann a tf of Waverly, Hew iork, U. S. A. 0

X By the copy, 25ji. By subscription, #1 | J for 5 Issues postpaid to any address. X

tf All magical depots In the world supply A 3 The Jinx. Subscribe through them or dlr- ® xect from the publisher above. §

changed a whit as to polocles or contents. A really oomplete news column will be carried, and arrive blat-ently every two weeks heralding trials and tribulations of olumsy conjurors as well as patting on the baok successful sorcerors blessed with more talent.

The question and answer oolumn will be stepped up so that fortnightly a query will be had to work on and also will be included an answer or solution to a previously propounded effect.

I realize that publications for magicians have before tried to appear more often than once a month and in each case found It impossible. I think it was simply because they tried to do too much. They Just couldn't find enough material. In my ease I don't think I'm making that mistake. However, regardless of anything else, Just let me know whether or not you would like a bi-monthly Jinx in your mail. It oan be done and I'U do it if I receive any support at all.

At present there is a revue in Hew Xork which bears the title 'Anything Goes' and everytime I pass the theatre I think of how that title applies to things magical. I've stayed up night after night going over the ethical points of magic with John Northern Hlll-lard, than whom tnere Is no more oonclentlous writer when it comes to magic as it should be read, and we still differ to a great extent.

I insist that 'anything goes' regardless. A magician can depend entirely upon his skill and digital dexterity and be a so-called artist in his profession. On the other hand, a fairly decent showman oan come along and with the most bare-faced of cold decking methods or planted situation take the play entirely away from the performer relying upon skill alone. I don't give a hoot or continental what or how much has previously been set or framed. If it fools those who were meant to be fooled it has served its' purpose. If there were seven in the audience and the performer enlisted six to convincingly fool the seventh, I still think it the thlnK to do although tnat is a pretty drastlo example and there would have to be a strong reason for fooling that seventh person. The effect is the thing and don't forget it for a minute. The end Justifies the means.

I thought I could be strong and resist advertising a produot In these columns but I'll hide behind that worn out crack, "I'm only human." The day after 'Annemann 's One Man Mental and Psychic Routine' came off the press, one Bob Herman (who likes to embarrass me with boosts) sauntered into Holden's. Throwing a couple of bills on the counter he boomed, "alve me two dollars worth." Tees (not so dumb; Holden tossed him my book and he walked out wltn the remark, "That was what I came in for." I know I'll be accused of conceit for writing this but I considered the incident rather con-oeltable so don't think too harsh of me. It doesn't happen very often.

While the staff of The Jinx to date has been myoplo in size, It was deemed necessary to add another personality. The efficient young lady who now has sole charge of the layout department is making ye editor step on It. The Jinx is appearing on schedule and not only that, but Is being put together with rulers, tee squares and drawing boards instead of merely by squinting through one eye as of yore. More power to her.

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