biggest profit to date under its belt. No matter how good the member p.a.'s are, just remind yourself that they have their own personal business to attend to and the club Is "hobby."

The Sunday American Weekly for April 7 had a "headless woman" expose which made us chuckle. We said here, over six months ago, that a looal-ite was building a scrapbook of exposes to make the greatest book on magle ever conceived. The current revelation will no doubt find quick parking space there for It details the building of that no head" mystery better than did the Illustrations In "Greater Magio." And we get lots of leg art, tool

There's a cute little 2i x 3 In. booklet of trloks, etc., tossing around H.Y. right now with no cover and no Imprint of its printer. It's looking for a sponsor! It's also a Just Preciou» guess If one can figure out who made up the dummy. —- Walter Gibson asks a troublesome question, "How many magicians have ever been levitated on the illusion they present?" He did It onoe, knows ankle orosses, body positions and the all Important hand holds. He still Insists that It feels as if one really float«. -— As a minor report, because we expect little more of him, Louis Zlngone has made a deal with a box top breakfast food for 500,000 phonograph records. The set of 5 reveal 5 tricks that are for you while you eat the stuff (provided, of course, that you send along "oosts"). Mow you can do "Do As I Do" while the cranked up machine blares away as you eat your hay and oream — and little Eustace Is begging you to "take a card."

Scooperoo Dept. for N.Y.'a — U.S. (Oen) Grant entrained on April 10th for Colon, Mloh., where he will hibernate with Abbott. May his fertile brain make for an early spring in that Island stronghold. Percy need* new blood — and the diminutive "general" has It. But keep those temperaments from clashing - for magic's sake.

Val Evans never disappoints with his propaganda. The current circular Is heady with Everything that deceives may be said to enchant. Plato." Then, in a boxed square It mentions a Special Feature on page 2, to wit, "Mr. Evans (having delved considerably In Astrology) writes interestingly of what he knows of future world affairs." The other side of the sheet (page 2) is BLANK! It's a swell modern twist to that old booklet gag having the cover "What I Know About Women."

The klddie-kar boys of the S.A.M. national coumll are at It again. Official organ contract time was up and both Genii and The Sphinx bid for It. The former offered to print It for free while the latter made Its cash on the line subsidy" stick to the tune of too many dollars for S.A.M'ers over a year. We are probably moronic, or maybe worse, but It puzzles as to why votes on the matter could be recorded in good faith coming from members who also are stockholders In The Sphinx Corporation. Take M.U.M. away from The Sphinx and it won't last a year. We'd hate to see that monument go down for Dr. Wilson spent 30 years driving (and we mean DRIVING) it through thick and thin, big shot and little shot. The high officer who ranted about the yellow journalism" of Genii before the vote, and made it emphatic that all was off the record and "secret stuff" (how such talk at a formal meeting can be "off the record" when it is affecting a vote Is also beyond us) Is to be commended with a "Booh!" However, 9 for Genii vs. 13 for Sphinx Indicates that the- present management of the latter should stop being lethargic and become a bit more lethal. -

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