While the working time of this trick is short, the effect is neat and concise. It can be introduced at any time you wish, for its parts are sirrrole, non-mechanical, and comolete unto themselves.

"Everybody has heard about the vam

pire bats which inhabit certain tropical countries," begins the performer, "so I want to show you something very, very strange. It was during one of my tours that I needed to purchase an additional supply of 6ilk handkerchiefs for my performances. The entire supply of a local and so-called department store in that little settlement was only 22 and I needed 24. The other two I secured from a little shoo on the outskirts, the type of place ,just like you see in moving pictures of strange, far-away places.

"I won't go into detail of my troubles from then on. ify most reliable mysteries went wrong, nothing ever seemed to work well, and I began to develop an inferiority conrolex until I discovered that two, the two, handkerchiefs were causing all of the disturbances. I segregated these silks and kept them in a lead box. Jty troubles ceased and all went well. Since I returned I've used those two handkerchiefs for a particular purpose in my urograms — something I know you've never seen happen before your very eyes. It would be utterly unbelievable otherwise."

With something like this for an opening the performer shows two glass tumblers, one of a red color, and the other blue, or green. He mentions that as new tumblers must be used for each showing, the type ^^^^ ^^^ now seen being of the popular kind of colored glassware. The Kf glasses are freely shown inside Hlfe and out and placed on a tray or table. Two cylindrical covers ^^ with tor» and bottom open (they

Smay be decorated with black bats), are next shown and put over the glasses, the performer remarking that semi-darkness is needed for quicker results.

Out of any'kind of odd looking box the performer removes a white silk handkerchief which he draoes over the covered tumbler on left and then pokes down into the glass. The tips of the eilk may be seen remaining a bit from the top. From the same box he now removes a second white hank and this is shown and poked into the second glass.

In a few moments the covers are raised and carelessly dropped with their open ends to audience. The silks are removed and seen to contain large blotches of color to match their

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