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box open at trick compartment.

Start by handing spectator a piece of card upon which he writes the name. Either take it frcm him face down and place at table edge, overlapping a little, or slide it there after he has put it down. Mention that the Usueen of Hearts i3 the only card that can talk to you, at the same time taking it frcm deck with the duplicate piece of card underneath. Put the face up over card on table, so that the piece held underneath is right by the side of it. Wait a moment, and then raise the Q facing the spectator, but pick up the name oard with it and glimpse it, as you say you'll listen to the Q. Hold to ear, shake head, put the Q back on card on table. Wait a moment, lift Queen again but take the dumny card this time leaving original card on table. Listen again and shake head. Mention solitude for Her Highness and drop her face up in card box. Close lid which locks compartment. Open lid (which reveals other Queen which is apparently the same one, listen, but still you have no result. Now hand box to spectator who puts written on card underneath. Now you hold box to ear, reveal the name, and hand box back.


(Editor notes) X don't do much of this type of trick but was Interested enough to try this one out and was surprised at the result. It is really quite good and the by-play up to the finish seemed to build it. That was what I was skeptical about. I also tried it without duplicate cards or cardbox. Using the right coat pocket for the solitude part, I put the Queen in but after dropping the Queen, I dropped the dummy card in the small match or coin pocket at top of pocket. Then I had spectator drop the writing card in with Queen. He also took Queen out, I listened and revealed name. Then he reached in and took the name card out. It makes a nice and practically Impromptu table trick that way.

Anyone who doesn't try this at least once before a fair sized audience is passing up a nice bet. It is so much to the point and fast that the effect is always startling. Take a deck and, holding it face outwards, make a RIGHT TO LEFT fan remarking that the cards seem pretty well mixed. The audience sees this. Close fan and approach a spectator at one side. You fan the cards again in front of him so that he alone can see the face of fan. This time you make a LEFT TO RIGHT fan and say, "I want you to Just think of any card you see." (This right to left, and left to right fanning is from performer's view of the back of tbe cards.) As the spectator looks at face of fan and looks at you. Just wink once with your offside eye, and say, "You have one? Please remember it."

This method of fanning makes it impossible for him to see more than one card, the bottom oneI Close deck and walk to other side of room or audience. As you go, overhand shuffle the bottom card to top. Ask someone to stand and tell you when to stop as you riffle end of deck. Deck is in left hand and you riffle outer end. When stopped, the left fingers around side of deck press down a little as right pulls upper portion away a little towards left, and the top card drops to top of lower portion and is removed by spectator. Or, force it in any way you please. Now ask first spectator to "name the card he saw.11 Then have second man show his card. This fanning principle has been used as a gag heretofore.This makes a stunning bit.

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for a quarter — if you take it. --- That bit of psychology reminds me of an angle told me a long time ago by a half legitimate and half 'oon' man. Many (too many) fourflushers will make up a roll of bills with the large one on tfce outside. Then, to get a lone dollar out, they have to dig deep, and the ruse is apparent to any dumb onlooker. The cute angle Is to put the big bill second and the single on top. Now take out tbe roll and take off the single. The big bill flashes, and is so unexpected that it registers for evermore. If you saw a fair sized roll of bills with a lone one on top, would you think of bigger money underneath? And that little bit of skullduggery subconsciously impresses them that you aren't merely flashing. — That paragraph wasn't so magical, but it's good psychology, and if more magicians would play to their audience's reaction they would be better off.

___ Frank Lane's new "Ideas" Mas. is to hand with complements. His introduction reads in part, "These booklets will come out periodically. No special month or time. I am taking the best of the ideas that come along. There are too many monthly papers where It Is impossible for the editor or putter-out-er of the paper, to give good stuff ALL THE TIME, and thus, before long, they peter out." Outside of the first handcuff escape trlok, *bioh has been sold as a secret In a dollar set of escapes for years by Lyle Douglas and Blair Gilbert; and a new (?) method for doing the popular lock and key triok by switching the key as given In Jinx No. 12 for Septentoer 1935, the Mas. is up to Lane's standard and good. The Poker Demonstration is especially workable and different. ----

Bob Nelson, from Columbus, Ohio, was in New York on a pleasure trip this month. His conversation around magic emporiums veered to the combine of dealers who will organize shortly to the advantage of all magic buyers. Fly-by-nights and unreliable depots are thus to be smoked out for all to know. What magician-buyers need to-day is a magazine to guarantee its advertisers and see that its readers get satisfaction when they spend their money. Every magus would welcome it. Dr. Gordon Peck, of Glens Falls, N.Y., has been nominated to run for the State Assembly this fall on the Democratic ticket. --- The August

Sphinx carried quite an article about 'Effective Control' which had to do with the way exposing via the films has been curtailed through tbe power of the S.A.M. At the same time, N.Y. theatres were playing a 'short' produced by Tan Buren and distributed by R-K-0 featuring the radio team 'Easy Aces' and Dave Allison as the magician. Titled 'Fool Your Friends', the exposures included the birdcage vanish, Squash, the ooln between two playing cards with the French Drop vanish (one N.Y. night club artist vises this steadily at tables) and a four-aoe bit. Control? Phooeyl — ----. ^

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