hand, acknowledge the examination, and place them in right hand between the middle fingers. At the same time draw the faked matches out with fingers of left hand and 3hew them. It is poH3ible to shew the match heads as the rubber tips look like sulphur. Hold between fingers of the left hand horizontally --- a mystic wave --- and matches slowly separate --- the top match rising very clowly to a right angle. Put matches together — switch -- and throw out the 3ingle ones.

(Editor's note: These faked matches are in a position whereby they can be pulled from fingers and tossed out themselves without having lost sight of audience. The rubber tubing ¿"lis off easily — and what's a lob of putting it back on two more matches?)


equired: Two red billiard balls, a white ®^-silk, pocket scissors, and an ordinary white handkerchief.

Preparation: Cut the white handkerchief into quarters, take one piece and wrap it around one ball and tie off the ends a la a plum pudding. Use white cotton for the tielng off and cut off surplus cloth. Have this prepared ball tinder the vest or In a ball clip under coat. The scissors are in the left outside coat pocket.

Working: Do a few billiard ball moves with the red ball, finally wrapping it in white silk and squeezing through by the usual and familiar move.

Borrow and ordinary handkerchief and repeat the penetration. Then palm the prepared ball in right hand, holding the red ball at tips of left fingers and thumb.

Get right hand under middle of borrowed handkerchief, throw this over laft hand, let the red ball drop Into left palm and show prepared ball. Grip the middle of the handkerchief and tied part of the ball in fork of right thumb.

Squeeze, and squeeze, and squeeze, but the ball refuses to come through. You are nonplussed only for a few seconds when the bright Idea strikes you. Left hand goes to pocket for the scissors and the red ball left behind. Cut a cross (+) in covering at top of ball, squeeze and force the ball through, tearing handkerchief covering ball as badly as possible.

The ball penetrates --- triumph. Then, since the handkerchief is ruined, light a match and set fire to the rags. Let it burn as near to the tied part as is safe for the hand. Press flame out, rub oenter between hands, palm the little remnant, possibly In fork of thumb. Now spread the handkerchief out restored, and return it with thanks.

This stunt makes an excellent effect to finish off a routine of passes and tricks with the balls and blends into a series of hank tricks.


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