visualized in the mind. The cards, as the performer speaks, are mixed in a fair manner (but not shuffled like playing cards) and then placed in a stack with drawing sides- down on the slate. Approaching a subject to be, the performer asks him or her to pick off a number of the cards in a bunch and hold this stack with face of same close to the body for the time being. Without touching the cards left on the slate, the performer passes to another spectator and has him repeat the procedure. The few cards left are put aside and the performer stands a few yards in front of one spectator with nothing but the slate and chalk in hand. For the first time the assistant is asked to look steadily at his drawing (i.e.: The bottom card of his stack) and concentrate upon it. It may be mentioned that at no time can. the performer see either the face or back of the drawing being looked at, and that the selection has been left entirely to chance. However, the rest of the audience will know that and it is best not to emphasize the points.

Drawing something on his side of the slate, the performer asks the spectator to show his drawing to all. Turning the slate, the performer shows his sketch to be the same! Passing to the second spectator the test is repeated, this time the performer drawing on the other side of slate, and again the drawing is duplicated! And everything can be left with the audience if desired!

Method: The pictures are stacked. Not in any memorized order but on the slate and across the center is put in pencil the 32 sketches quite small. They are in the same order as in the pack. Hold the pack with faces down in the left hand. Take a bunch from the top with the right and apparently mix the two bunches together. Really though, a few from the top of the right hand are left on the bottom of the left pile and then a few from the bottom of the right pile are left on top of the left stack. Repeat this maneuvre until all of the right hand cards are gone and repeat the gesture if desired. Do this loosely so that it appears as if at random and you will have the best false mixing possible. The stack is only cut and this doesn't matter. The first and second spectators cut off a bunch each and hold them. When you lay aside the few remaining, you drop them face up and your fingers spread them a little so the identity of the top card is known to you. The second spectator's picture will be one behind (to the left on slate list) this drawing. Note it while telling spectator to look at drawing and then draw it ON THE CLEAN Searchable & Indexed by Houdini Magic, Inc. © 2002

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