of the classics 'in rope magic is more or less called "The Hangman's Noose." Two length! of rope around the neck and tied tightly in front are apparently pulled through and shown perfectly solid and fair, the loops being just large enough to snugly encircle the neck. With two ropes the principle was that of the ancient "Grandmother's Necklace." A somewhat similar (and called a great improvement because but one rope was used) effect came out later but it required the bight of the rope being placed against the front of the neck, the ends apparently crossed behind, and the knotting down when the ends were again at the front.

This trick still is a standard effect of many rope enthusiasts. This version will bring the presentation up to date by eliminating the bad features of both the foregoing. A single piece of rope is shown and hung around the neck. The ends are tied in a solid knot and when ready it is removed with one gesture and the single loop seen just large enough for the neck. The knot in front is genuine.

There should be no difficulty in the reader' B arranging this clever idea for instant use in his winter act. Two pieces of rope of the same length are used. Onto each end of one piece sew a snap-fastener, as in the famed Tar-bell rope trick, or use a set of the special rope gimmicks as sold by dealers. Do not use the type of gihmick that screws together. Fix the other length of rope in the same way. Paint the prepared ends white. Now snap one piece of rope to the other and you have apparently one single length of rope. Thus prepared, the rope may be used over and over as there is no preparation nor renewals of any kind necessary.

The performer takes the rope out of his pocket, pulls on it a bit as he patters.


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