Indian Rope Trick

But we have torn« original ideas that an fully u effective. STUNTS INC. was formed by matter mind* of mafic for the purpoee of lupplyinf wideawake advertiser« with a powerful and appealing •alea weapon. Leading advertisers and their agencies i have discovered that ^TRICKS, PUZZLES, 4AOIC, GAMES and OERDEMAIN have the r to lift sales volume i unimagined heights i applied along sound, wen merchandising lines.

: creators of STUNTS have amply demon-led results with such campaigns as "flM AT COCKTAIL TIMr (Seegrsm's);

AIR MOOMM (Swift a Co.); All MIA (Seemsn Bros.); MAttKLM (54Retail

Stores); NAOIC UII Runko-Malt); HMK SCI* (United-Profit Sharing Co.); Miaii>(ChainStores 'Everywhere); lASriWM (Ralston's); E.1.MMKCUB (Endicott-Johnson); MAM BOXES (Champion Bread); CMANBU (Beechnut).

Hundreds of pieces of new, clever mystical magic pro. dtfets are available with PRACTICAL, PROVEN PLANS OF PROMOTION. With a standing staff of 750 Field Men for selling, contact and «urvey, STUNTS INC. offers a completely rounded service to agencies and advertisers. Investigate the sales-build* ing power of MAGIC now)

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Regarding the above advertisement, Mr. Pros-kauer, who heads the organization of "Stunts, Inc." as well as boing president of the S.A.M. Parent Assembly, telephoned me and said that positively no exposing is being done, that mention of magic is only a "come-on" for puzzles and games, that Robert Sherman, of "Sherms. Inc." and also of the S.A.M. supplies only "slum" apparatus and gadgets., and that he hoped I'd make it clear that he is not an exposer and thus head off any barrage of untrue accusations.

Dr. Jacob Daley says that many magicians have to wear gloves for card fans and productions in order to keep the cards clean I And lastly, watch for Mona Lee, the mindreading sensation.

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