Indian Rope Trick


Your readers hive possibly been bear tag About the 'Indian Rope Trick " mo hive wondered if mob a thing is mythical or a reality.

I submit this picture as evidence. I can personally vouch for Its accuracy and freedom from staged settings and trick photography. In fact, I took the plctui* Myself, having hidden In a bamboo thicket for the express purpom of doing no. Imagine, please, my gmuement and sheer delight when I saw this man actual-

be sure not to make it apparent that you are giving them out in any particular order. This is an important detail for you later on.

The first hand of 5 cards is taken in left hand and given a single and careless cut. The right hand picks up the second coin and gives it to the 2nd spectator, receiving in return the second packet of 5 cards in his right hand. As they are taken the fingers spread them a little (they are always kept face down) and as they are placed on the left hand packet, the left little finger holds a break ABOVE THE BOTTOM CAHD OF THE SECOTTD FIVE. Then, without any delay, the packet in left hand is cut at the break. The right hand picks up the third coin, receives the third packet for it, Spreads them "slightly, and again the left little fin-holds a break ABOVE THE BOTTOM CARD OF THIS PACKET when it is placed on tbe left hand froup. Again the entire bunch is cut — at the reak. The fourth coin is handed out for the fourth packet and the same maneuvre takes place exactly as before.

To the players you have taken back the hands one at a time in return for coins, and after each hand has been returned the packet has been cut. Actually, now, the arrangement frcm the top dovm (back to face) is as follows. We shall list them by numerals denoting the four players from left to right. 4-3-2-1-1-1-1-1-22-2-2-2

iy tuipende* from the fromn* supported only by a tingle rope from Mow. To make doubly sttrfc that it w*t*»t the, optic»!

illusion" ao common to India, at the risk of my life. I carefully approached the object and paaseq a bamtxxv cop* pletely OVer hi» perron Juirt, to make Otr-tain that no hoisting was hebur done from above.

So. you see, the rope trick is poatfbta I've seen It, as pictured, with my owe eye«, honestly.

THOMAS R. VXBNRY Calcutta. India

Page 479 - but turn to Page 480 for picture

In front of himself, and dealing from left to right, the performer lays out four face down cards, saying that "stud" will he the hest form of poker for the purpose. In (continued on page 481)

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