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'class hot-cha spot, Pablo is firmly entrenched in the floor entertainment and the customers never fail to show unbounded enthusiasm. I know Pablo reads The Jinx because he lately started restoring a ribbon by the flash method explained on page 39 of the Summer Extra. Mr. Bays of" England, the originator, should be thankful the effect is in such capable hands.

Yesterday the mail carried to me a copy of U. P. Grant's new monthly, The Trixter. Ei^it pages of anything under Grant's name can never be ignored and this regular dish should be well digested. 'The Town '.There You Were Born' stands out to me as the cutest among many. You can't lose, and delay in obtaining copies Is your own funeral.

Every day is now a happy one for Prank Lane. When the boys around the shop refuse to laugh at an unfunny joke, he can go home, tell It to the new 7 lb. baby boy which Frances has just presented him, and be certain of getting an appreciative reception whether it be good or bad. I suppose that for a while now, the boys around Boston will have to listen to all the baby jokes Frank can dig up. They shouldn't kick however - he's earned the right to tell them.

Very flattering are the requests at hand to include advertising In The Jinx. If I ever do it will be on inserts as I refuse to cut down on the material in favor of an advertisement. I'm selling usable information - not ad3.

One of the funniest frame-ups I ever had the honor (?) of building just came to mind so it shall be put down for any who might like to have a lot of laughs. Get two of the auto bombs that are so popular with surprise-artists and hook one to each of two cars at the party. Now tip off each owner that a bomb Is on the other's car and have three or four more of those present in on the frame-up. As the time for each to leave gets closer and closer, the stalling of both, in order to witness the confusion of the other, gets funnier and funnier to those In the know. One reader of this paragraph will well remember how perfect was the situation.

Less than a hundred copies of the #1 Jinx are on hand so I have little to kick about. In fact the reception accorded this sheet has been beyond expectations. Not that a healthy circulation wasn't hoped for, but I was conservative enough to assume that it would take from twelve to fifteen months before a decent figure could be reached. It Is running well over 850 now and it looks as though it will hit the thousand mark by the end of a year. Most of the first issues go out now as part of complete 3ets that are being ordered by those who have cokb late but realise the value that Is hiding in the 52 pages to date. I've written the equivalent of over a hundred single spaced 8-ij x 11 pages,and 64 complete tricks more than balance the three dollars In cost.

"have been taken to task by an anon-.ymous postcard critic (who should •.have used a different typewriter for )once) in regards to the inclusion of a dictionary and book of grammar on the Five Foot Shelf of Magic.It seems ithat such an inclusion didn't jibe with my own errors of the written word. Well, I'm sorry. I thrive on the advice of my superiors (as who shouldn't) but did not appreciate the anonymity (?) of the writer. I brook no Interference with my alms or beliefs, but realise only too well that my writing could be much snoother at times. My first desire Is to make understandable the tricks I write about. As for errors - well, I can only keep trying to improve.

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