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asked me to make your "B.U." disappear. my magic can't do this, but Lifebuoy canI" Even so, the ad is just about as tactful as some magi I know. --- Curiosity Dept.- Why, in the Jan 1937 Alexandre Herrmann number of the Sphinx, his first, name, on the cover, in the recollection article, in the Chase article, the editorial mentions, and the captions under two other pictures, was ended ER; while Madame Herrmann's explanation of his favorite trick consistently 3pelled it AlexandRET

In the mail bag: In regards to the paragraph I used in the February issue about Jerry Kahler at the klami Beach Roney-Plaza, Frank Lane sends a postcard full of humor, "Makes no difference to me what they say... I don't give a good 'Land Sakes'...But I wonder how Kahler would feel if I took his letter out of the file and showed whore he said for me to be sure and send the book I just wrote, the one with the bridge exposure

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