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A dollar bill la placed upon a five spot, as shown in diagram one. Starting at the bottom edge of the dollar bill, the two are rolled slowly and tightly together as per diagram two. This rolling together business is continued as per diagram three and at the same time the performer is talking about the impending inflation and how it is necessary to have five times as much money to get a dollar's worth. Just after reaching the stage as depleted in diagram three, the rolling is stopped and the performer asks the onlooker to put hia finger on the part of the doUar bill still showing. This, he explains, is to prevent any sleight or tricky move. Now, he states, one is to imagine inflation as a fact and the value of a dollar has become five times greater. Unrolling the bills slowly it is found that the five dollar bill is ON TOP of the one dollar bill, and the spectator is still holding down the one spot!

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