Since the inception of the Jinx many improvements have been received from readers who have tried out and tested the various effects. Any trick will stand variations in nethod and presentation. Periodically I will submit these contributions and hope they may make more practical for YOU tricks you have perhaps passed toy.

Jinx No. 1 - October 1934 - Page 2 The Supreme East Indian Needle Trick.

Eliminate the faked spool. As the needle load is wound only at the eye ends it can be stuck with points down on right lower vest pocket of business suit or tuxedo. Have spectator on your left and let him cut off thread. As you turn towards left and take tray of loose needles with your right hand, your left fingers take load and it is in correct position. Everything else is the same in routine and you can leave spool with audience as the load principle in spools has been exposed several times of late.

—Improvement by Annemum.

Jinx No. 1 - October 1934 - Page 1 Hallucination.

Work by putting two heavy rubber bands around the deck, one each way. This covers the fake card to hide the cut lines of card and also seams to the spectator to guarantee that the cards are not manipulated. — Improvement by Charles W. Frlcke. .

foqr Qartl

Rather than take out the 4th and 13th cards, take out the 12th and 13th. You'll get the same results without having to stop at the 4th.

— Improvement by Orville Meyer.

pin Che ira Ho. 3 - December 1934 - Page 11 Bending Sw'lasle Stick.

Some have had trouble bending the glass rods. It is a fact that you can hold the ends and a gas flame at the center will not be felt. However, If one works over a gas stove burner just lay the rod on the arm of one burner, light it and the rod will sag by itself when hot enough.

— Improvement by

Jinx No. 4 - January 1935 - Page 14 Cigarette Perception.

Use ladies instead of gentlemen because of the greater difference in footwear.

Jinx No. 7 - April 1935 - Page 28 The Lemon and the Dollar.

Instead of using three lemons have three different kinds of fruit, say, for instance, an apple, orange and lemon. It makes for easier and more correct working because at a glance the performer can tell which bill is out without having to give the lemon a more apparent look-over.

— Improvement by Leo H. Sullivan.

Page 35

Use ten instead of twenty cards. Five Republicans and five Democrats. Eliminate every fifth card instead of tenth. The order from left to right is R-D-.R-D-R-D-R-D-D-R. It all makes for quicker working and sustained interest.

— Improvement by Max Holden.

Sumner Extra 1935 Par-Optic Vision.

Page 48

For a possible repeat at a later date, and for those who don1t want to touch the deck after the selections, one oan use a three kind alternating force deck with every third card wide and long. This is made by cutting all other cards short and narrow. False shuffle and cut. Put deck on table and have spectator cut off a bunch and continue with the next three. You can't miss.

— Variation by Annemann.

Jinx No. 10 - July 1935 - Page 52 Extra-Sensory Perception.

Do this with two people only rather than three. The effect is better and the third time doesn't become a boring repitition. Also lightly pencil or secretly dot the pasteboards so you can quickly stack them in the correot order by number rather than by a list or memory.

— Improvement by Annemann.

Jinx No. 11 - August 1935 - Page 55 t Divination With Matches.

It is not necessary to use a new paper of matches as the effect will work as long as most of them are there. You can thus take them from a spectator. Note the number of matches left by picking up the paper and lighting a cigarette or cigar.

-- Improvement by Herbert R. Hood.

Jinx No. Ï0 - July 1935 - Page 50 twentieth Century Cards.

Because Mr. Jamison got so much from this effect using a ribbon he worked out this stand to give it a better 'front.' The uprights are about 7" apart and the stand sets about 7" high. Holes are bored in uprights for a nickled rod whieh extends at ends about an inch. The screen is about square and made of cardboard and decorated. It is of a size so tbat when set in front of stand, it will come Just above and below the cards on the rod and allow clear vision all around it otherwise, giving performer free use of both hands. At the finish the entire stand can be given out for examination of the cards on the rod.

— Improvement by R.M.Jamison.

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