Icoih Tricks I

The Enlarging Penny - por.l (See page 58) 62

Coins, En Route 66

lietal versus Fabric 69

Money In The Pocket 87

Silver Or Copper? 114

Money Metaliam 123

Here's Your Change 130

Uumlsmatiglc (See page 172) 157

Dates 213

Peel 232

Duplex Date Reading 250

Two Penny Stunts 272

Two Quarter Stunts 277

Pocket To Cuff 278

Editorial comment and pertinent news Jinx issue from No.l through No.50.

in every

With One Hand The One-Of-A-Bunch Force Sinale Die Force - par.7 The "So Simple" Force The Novelty Box Selection A New Force Deck

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