Wtc H Tricks I

A Divination With Mutches (See page 99) 55

The "Double Steal" 244

It Strikes Again 271

Color Trouble 275

Equine Matchlstry 280

The Twenty Matches - par.6 281

I MENTAL EFFECTSl(Impromptu-single person)

Two Papers And A Spectator 3

The Master Of The Message (See page 99) 13

Cigarette Perception (See page 99) 14

One Of Those Things IS

A Question And The Answer 20 Two ¡¿ind reading Publicity Effects (See

Slate Immortality 40

Par-Optic Vision (See page 99) 48

A Card To Be Thought About 55

A Divination With Matches (See page 99)- 55

Impromptu Vision 83

A Test Of Power 89

A Mentallst With Money 168

Compact 285

IMENTAL EFFECTSl(Preparation-single person)

The Mystery Of The Blackboard 4

Demon-Yogl-Ooblln Book Test 8

Dead Or Alive? 11

The Twentieth Century Newspaper Test 16

With Sight Unseen 18

A Neat Publicity Stunt 20

Impromptu Frame-ups 22

Thought-Rays 31

The Modernized Reading 34

Pseudo-Psychometry 36

Horrors! (See page 172) 41

The Impression Moderne 43

A New Method of Tabulation 46

Extra-Sensory Perception (See page 99) 52

Cards And A Newspaper 63 An Original Faked Envelope With Publicity

Diabolical Influence 76

Again A Prediction 78

Cigarettes In The Dark 92

Living And Dead - par.4 103

Version of Al Baker's Three Billet Trick 108

Prophecy-Plus (See page 172) 122

Triple Coercion (See page 185) 123

Numero 1 125

Dice And The Book (See page 172) 135

On The Wire 137

Bert Reese's Secrets 140 Calendar Conjuring (See pages 172 and 279) 141

Dr. Daley's Death Divination 146 A Mental Test Revamped (See pages 24

—and 172) Numlsmatlglc (See page 172) The Word On The Page The Guidance Of Fate Notaria

The Double Ad Test

New Addition Slate Presentation

Just An Echo (See page 123)

Controlled Luck

Your Fortune, Miss!

The Crazy Code

Wired Thought

Between The Lines

The Jaipur Jinnee


Operator Calling

The Oss Of Lhasa

Lock And Key (See page 58)


The Folk Test Mind Or Muscle Nyctalopia My Own Swami Test Duplex Date Reading Ultra Addition Dead

Phantom Hand

Date Sense (See pages 141 and 172) One Little Word Yggdrasil (See page 329) Hat Pin

Who Killed Mr. X? Knockout! Mental Numbers

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