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The Calypso singers, Trinidad troubadours now quite the Broadway rage have a coffee color complexioned leader actually named Houdinl. This form of lyrical singing is as new as the handcuff and look breaking era started by our own

Houdini back in the 1890's. --- Memories: When

Bill Larsen wrote Jr. after his name; when Ben Krena was the Mickey MacDougall of his day around NYC; when the address on the ads read Blackstone Magic Co., Percy Abbott, Mgr.; when Edga'r Bergen used to be on the SAM shows and the writeups never mentioned the name of his dummy; when The 3phinx had 480 pages to the year and 175 pages of advertisements during the same 12 months.

A rather belated suggestion comes along that magi picket theatres showing expose pictures auch as "Eternally Yours." The only fault with that idea is that the professionals are too busy or not in a position to do it, and the average amateur in a community just wouldn't do it. Besides, people generally want to see something that's unfair, taboo, etc. It's human nature. The only way we can help things along is to convince the "big shots" that they are hurting another phase of their own game - entertainment.

Sid Lorraine uses his January "TOPS" column to take both Bob Weill and myself apart. I'll withold comment re myself and the Bamsay-Alben-lce bead trick for I want to expound to greater length on such doings in a week or so. (Maybe you haven't got an answer? Ed.) Bob get» "the needle" for hia actlvitlea In the new Genii review apot. Sid makes out a good case for the prosecution (or is it in defense?) and it jibes in with what we wrote a few weeks ago, and also tiea in with our 7 person reviewing staff we tried to get going several years ago. One person CANNOT review all books and tricks and do Justice to each of the different types. All material for review should be sent directly to the editor, marked "For review" and he ahould turn each book or trick over to the person who uaea that type of trick or material and therefore is the best judge of its value. Even the editor ahouldn't try to value everything that cornea in. And if that's a crazy idee I'll be aeeing you at the nearest asylum for I truly believe in it.

James Holmes shames us by informing that the "BAM BOO ZALEM" title for the Engliah magic revue we recently aaked about deciphera itself if you aay it fast with accent on the BOO. ---In every collection should be the prospectus that Carl Jones has published re the merits of the tome "Greater Magic." It'a a 5x8 booklet of 40 pages (yes, 40 pages) and if you don't own a copy of the book, the prospectus will make you run, not walk, to the nearest checkbook.— Bob Rftinhart, of erstwhile Variety fame (Jinx Noe. 51-32) gave out the atatement to the press recently in regards to his magic engagements, "I'm not playing club dates, tho," he stated, "these things are soirees." — The Swami Brahma picked up plenty of Detroit news space before Xmas when the gendarmes atopped hia blindfold drive as a traffic menace. They alao took he and hia gal hypnotic assistant to the station house when he buried her.Authorities oouldn't find where a permit was needed to bury a person alive so the stunt went on to more publicity. — Sam Grossman had a nice photo and Interview in NY's Daily Mirror for Deo. 16. Cutest line, in his tirade and scoffing against fortune tellers and sueh ilk was, "A crystal ball is an 8-ball. Those

Page wno believe in the fakirs are not in front of it, but behind it."

Bad news for West coasters. Dale (Dal) Vernon is at the One Park Avenue Cocktail Lounge in NYC every afternoon from 5 to 8 while you are reading this. —- I hope we haven't told you this one before but evenso it's worth reminding. Bruce Elliott, who, with Dr. Van Deusen of "Finger, Finger" (No. 65) acclaim, knows the Lexington Avenue (N.Y.) beer circuit from A to Suds gives bartenders one of those fbke glasses of beer you buy in novelty shops and the bartender puts it on ice. When the frosted glass is set before a person after his umpteenth experiment the fun reaches high points as his nose bends around the phoney foam.

A recent column about Heywood Broun's passing dwelt at length on his Insistence in putting his name on anything and everything he wrote, whether it be a race bet slip, a Communistic sounding article, or his Nutmeg publication which made use of columns the paper wouldn't accept. He believed in what he wrote or said and didn't care who knew it was he who wrote or said it. It made us think of C.T., Unknown, and Phantom, those current magical nonentities. Bill Larsen lately said that C.T. had "something on the ball" the other copyists (copyists of what, oblivion? Ed.) didn't have. The only thing any of them have on the ball is the concealment of their identity which isn't as obscure as they would like to have you believe. Besides, a ball is sort of a silly and risky place on which to have anything, that is, unless you're a trained seal.

If any magic magazine needs a good cartoon Idea they can have this one free. It's a stage-door scene and a poster- can be viewed announcing a magical convention show. In the alley is a line or magicians, each with a piece of rope hanging out of his pocket, and at the head of the row is a scissors grinder busily at work.

The other day we saw a copy of a playbill issued in 1793 by the Theatre Royal, Kilkenny, Ireland. It made us realise that we of to-day might be in worse condition. It advertiaed an interlude of aleight of hand tricka by the celebrated surveyor, Mr. Hunt. It continued, "The value of the tickets to be taken (if required) in candles, butter, cheese, soap, etc., as the manager wishes in every particular to accomodate the public. Mo person will be admitted into the boxes without shoes or stockings." Paste that at the entrance of the Rainbow Room, Beverly-Wilshire, or Dorchester Hotell QABBATHAI

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