Double Dollar I

This is a combination type of routine which is eminently suitable for intimate showing at nite club tables or before one or two observers at almost any time. Everything takes place with a dollar bill, starting as a joke turning into an optical illusion or partial pose, and ending as a magical surprise.

The magician takes out a dollar bill and promises to show how easy it is ror one to double his income. "Merely fold it like this," he says blandly, and you wiil have doubled your money." Here he folds the bill in half the long way. "And," he continues, "when you unfold the money you find it 'in-creases.'" Here the bill is unfolded and shown flat.

"This is more than a joke," the my8ticist quickly says, to avoid mayhem on the spectator's part. "If you have a good imagination you can look at the folded bill and think that you see two bills." Here he folds the money once the long way and twice the other way; then he twists the folded bill so when shown from either side it looks like two bills lying criss-cross, (continued on page 712)

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