This principle can be used as a marvellous prediction trick. Fix up half a dozen such documents and keep them handy. When you play a good show — one that provides money in addition to your dinner — you should be able to knock them off their prosaic posteriors by predicting the day's news headlines, a la Stewart James, or just some normal occurance.

(Editor's note; Sid is tearing apart ray Jinx No 62 angle for protection of material. It does make for an excellent publicity stunt. Build yourselves a few rubberized envelopes and sit tight for the time to come when they mav mean a nice news notice. This issue of The Jinx is being sent to Mr. Lorraine In an envelope sealed by rubber cement — he'll never notice it --but the postman may have gotten all the news!)

X-ADD-RAY (continued from page 454)

once more, both sides being shown casually during the process, when the spectator Is unsuccessful in reading the figures the slate is passed to the right hand which is held with its back to the floor.

The slate Is held with its side edge towards the floor and LYINO along the forefinger - the thumb being on the upper edge. A3 the left hand plunges into the pocket for chalk, the right hand tilts slightly towards the body and the flap falls into a perfect finger palm on the second and third joints of the middle and third fingers.

Now finding the chalk, the performer transfers the 3late to left hand and carries the palmed flap to the pocket from where the chalk is produced. All that remains is to mark the total of the two digits upon the slate and everything is ready for examination.

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