Hypno Coin John Ramsey

A small and simple coin effect is this which is performed at close quarters. A member of the onlookers Is asked to examine a coin and afterwards the fingers of your right hand. The coin then is taken between the third finger and thumb of the examined hand, the third finger removed, and the coin remains balpnced on the thumb with no apparent means for it doing so.

For this thought provoking stunt take two identical coins. One of them ha3 a small sharp fake or notch by cutting wlbh a sharp knife. Cut firmly into the outside rim of coin towards you and the metal partly raised forms a small sharp hook. Now shew the two coins as one between middle finger and thumb of right hand. Slip the untouched coin forward and hand for examination, retaining the other coin under ball of thumb.

Vihen coin is returned allow thumb of right hand to be examined, and under cover of this switch the coins and grip coin with point between middle finger and thumb.(Fig.1) Press sideways, whereupon the small hook will enter the thumb surface. Nov; stand coin perpendicularly betv/een thumb and middle finger. (PIG. 2) Remove finger slowly and coin, -/hich should lean very slightly backwards, will remain balanced on the thumb.



Always liking magic,but In the game actively for only a comparatively short time, I've met and run up against too many swell fellows and too, too many experts in their chosen profession to ever consider, for a moment, that I might possibly be oalled a magician and have it meant that way.I really love the principleĀ« of magic...essentially the entertaining which must, of course, come first; and then all the little dodgea that misdirect the people watching you for a giveaway gesture or step.

In the past three years I've joined magical clubs and societiesj filled my spare drawers with all kinds of apparatus] and gone ao far as to defy all fates by doing magic on my personal appearance toura. Pew places on wj route sheet found magicians absent.

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