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The performer can prepare a couple of taoes, and a dozen cards in little time and with not too much effort for the effect later gained. While magical journals have carried alum type formulae for years they are no-t dependable for the actual performance. The two following wi11 be found to work.

For the cards: Prepare a solution of --Ammonium Sulfate - 1 ounce; Boric Acid - £ ounce; Borax - \ ounce; Water - 1 pint. Heat to 120 degrees and keep it there v/hile you soak cards for about 20 minutes. Dry between towels under pressure.

For the tape: Use white woven tape about half an inch wide. The solution is; Boric Acid -1 teastjoonful; Borax - 1 tablespoonful; Water -A teacup. Soak well and dry by hanging up with a weight on the end.

"Hoppensack. Poses problem and Us answer -

'Con you iak ihese piece siring an' tuicf it yei ihe bi<j hun& a >ce out of ylats'u/ater, huh ? Ho can 4ouck ony porta body to glass! Huh?

[Oonna. bei Joey Can't do it, huk? Hokatj, hoi-(Mayic ponder is - SALT?)

f T, y, y, y T T,T

HE FOOLS YOUf herb. rumtili

Here is one of those cute "quickies" of an impromptu card nature which is a "natural" for table workers. A much used or borrowed deck is looked through by the performer who picks out one card and places it face down on the t> ble. He says, indicating one spectator that he or she will exert the magic power for this experiment. The magus now shuffles the deck and cuts it. He puts it on the table before the person who further cuts the deck and places the halves together crosswise. When the top half of the deck is turned over it has the same number of snots as the performer's card, and when the top card of the lower half is shown it proves

to be one of the same suit as that selected. The spectator is heartily congratulated for his successful revelation.

(How) - '.Vhen you take the deck and fan through looking for a card, note the face card of deck for its value only, and the back card of the deck for its suit only. Then look through and pick out the card represented by these two, placing it face down upon the table. Naturally, if either of these noted cards happen to select one or the other, .it is necessary to act a bit confused or uncertain, cut the deck and glance through again.

Let's say the bottom or face card ie a 6 spot and the (continued on page 786)

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