Hoget 511


Oracles1 and stars" and ghosts,"

Spirits seen in magic lens, Shadows," and appearances In the meteors'' and winds,

Entrails (human,8 beast,0 or fish1"),

Sacrificial fire11 or smoke,1" Mice," and aromatic herbs,1 Bird," and mistletoe and oak,1"'

Die2" and dart,"1 or salt"" and meal," Balanced sieve,"* suspended ring," Hatchet poised,"0 or turning wheel,"7

Dots at random on the page,"*

Precious stones,M or nails that shine,*1 Pebbles, loose" or in a heap,"

Numbers33 (seven, three, or nine),

Wrinkled palm,31 or looking glass,'1" Letters forming someone's name, Scribbled ashes," and, of course, Almost any kind of dream,3S

By the way a woman laughs30

Or a man goes walking round,"' By the way a cock picks up"

Corn or millet from the ground—

By all these we prophesy,

Ominate, forebode, premise; Augur, warn, vaticinate,

Soothsay, lower, and advise.

—Rolfe Humphries ]. Theomancy 2. Sideromancy 3. Psychomancy 4. Chrystallomancy 5. Sciomancy 6. Meteoromancy 7. Austromancy 8. Anthropomancy 9. Hieromancy 10. Ichthyomancy 11. Pyromancy 12. Capnomancy 13. Myomancy 14. Botanomancy 15. Ornithomancy 16. Dendromancy 17. Hydromancy 18. Rhabdomancy 19. Crithomancy 20. Cleromancy 21. Belomancy 22. Halomancy 23. Aleuromancy 24. Coscinomancy 25. Dactyliomancy 26. Axinomancy 27. Cyclomancy 28. Geomancy 29. Lithomancy 30. Onychomancy 31. Pessomancy 32. Psephomancy 33. Arithmancy 34. Chiromancy 35. Catoptromancy 36. Nomancy 37. Tephramancy 38. Oneiromancy 39. Geloscopv 40. Gyromancy 41. Alectryomancy or Alectoromancy

Page 735

you ever hear of camouflaged thread? All of us either have seen a thread against a magician's background or experimented no end for complete invisibility of that "means" to a trick. Black against black Is bad, in this case, and the best solution has been a black thread against a somber plaid or lined backing. Try this. Take a spool of white thread (of the required weight) and, with pen and ink, black out every other half-inch. For use on a stage the broken line effect masks itself against almost any backdrop. For closer work cut the spaces to $ in. It takes a bit of experimenting to fit your needs, but it works beautifully. --- It is a weird idea for someone interested in such things to perfect. We speak of a "silent" dog whistle, silent to the human ear but audible to animals. A very high pitch is the secret, and, it occurs to us that a "medium" might wear a set of "phones" tuned to fifty or sixty thousand (whatever it may be) cycles. It would be simple to hear thusly the whistle blowings of an out-of-slght assistant. We understand that a hound, a city block distant, will respond to a lusty puff on the pipe, while a human being at three feet will not be aware of an untoward noise. Perhaps the idea will get into magic catalogues yet.

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