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gus lets a card be chosen from a deck.The spectator tears It Into three pieces across, puts the pieces together and then tears them into three parts to make nine ahnut-equal sections.


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The performer now has a silk handkerchief which he throws over his left hand and onto which are dropped the torn pieces of the card. Next he picks up the silk's corners and drops them over the pieces. He pokes the entire bundle into his fist to make a compact ball of silk with card inside, and this is given to the spectator to clench tightly in his own fist.

The wonder-worker gives the remainder of deck to another person, asking him to find and remove the Joker. It is explained that the Joker is an excellent decoy card with truly magnetic qualities towards the other cards in a deck.

Showing an empty cardbox the performer has the Joker dropped within, initialed, and the box held by that person. And comes a most devastating bit of psychic influence.

The master mind produces one of those office appliances for automatically stapleing papers together - the kind you hit with your hand and a r~~> shaped wire is forced through the papers and clinched on the under side. He says that he will make use of its powers in conjunction with the powers of the Joker.


Joker will do its part in secureing the nine pieces. This device will arrange and fasten them into a readable or der. " Whereupon with majestic action he hits the gadget twe lve times, being sure to stop at about 8 and caution the two spectators objects on asking open out his its contents, there to hold their tightly.

Then, up-the first assistant to silken bundle and check is found only one piece of card and four wire paper staples within.

The second assistant opens his cardbox. What does he find? First his marked Joker, and underneath it a most weirdly reconstructed card. It consists of 8 pieces held together by a single staple between each touching side, but the centêr piece is missing. To magicians it Is unnecessary to say that the first person's piece fits thé second person's ungainly put-together (psychically?) card. Both card, piece, staples and Joker are left with the original selector.

The method for all of this must remain as simple as possible to allow scope for the performer's ability to entertain. Only one part actually requires a bit of manipulation.

In apoarati you need, 1 cardbox with flap (preferably'one of the metal-lock type) ; 1 deck of cards plus a duplicate Joker and dupli-card to be forced; staple machine and staples; crayon pencil; 2 blue 13 inch silks; a tubular finger-type color change tube repainted from the usual flesh color to blue to match the silks.

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