Herrick Brown

Journal & American Tue.Sep* 10, 1940

Dante Presents 'Sim Sala Bim' At Morosco

Dante's illusions didn't disillusion anybody!

Dante, Danish-born ana christened Harry A. Jansen, started his career as a gadget builder for the great Howard Thurston and has now built around himself a two-hour presentation which is climaxed by the world's newest and fastest illusion, says the program note—the Mystery of the Stratosphere. We'll wager it'll keep you guessing and guessing.

Surrounded by a cast of 35 illusionists and illusionistas, Dante, .aster magician and master show-.an, has given his acts of leger-miain in a musical comedy twist, tricks instead of gags for tckouts. With Olsen and John' informality, he plays in the as well as on the stage. •Yo Miller, a very charming ¡nisi, acts as Dante's first ,nt.

!ng each trick with a "sim bim," which is Danish for thanks to you." the audience, at he conclusion of the spectacle, echoed: "Sim Sala Bim."—M. H.

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