It this routine Is given the proper practice and presentation It will prove to be a reputation builder. After steady use for four years


EFFECT #3. The audience Is now cautioned to pay strict attention to the final effect. Any card Is once more taken, shown to all, returned for shuffle and outs, and the magician builds up the climax. He refers to the blindfold, the free selection of cards, etc., and finally says that he will attempt to reveal the chosen card BY NAME. The spectator Is asked to visualise a picture of the card and the performer succeeds in his revelationl

I have described exactly the effect as seen by the laynan. Never have I been questioned on any part of the routine which gradually builds to the climax that they remember. It is presented strictly as a test of mental vibrations from the audience to the spectator, whioh Is why everybody Is asked to help send their mental commands to the performer. The blindfold is to exclude all light and normal perceptions that might tend to confuse the demonstrator.

I always work the routine standing up to any type of table with the audience all around. In your left hand coat pocket previously put a known card of regulation size. In your right hand ooat pocket plaoe a known card of the bridge size. They may both be alike. Then grab a deck of cards and follow instructions.

Effect #1. Pass the cards from one hand to the other, cards facing your audience, and have one selected. While the card Is being revealed to everyone, crimp the lower left hand corner of the top card. Out the deck retaining the top half In the right hand, In position for the regular overhand shuffle. Have the seleoted card returned to the top of the left hand portion, then shuffle the right hand portion on top In the regular overhand fashion, with the crimped card going on top of the selected card at the beginning of the shuffle. Have ar^one shuffle and cut the cards, but hurry him along In this action - in other words time your patter so that you have him cutting the cards before he really gets the chance to shuffle them properly.

Now, with the deck in the left hand, remove the cards one at a time with the right so that

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