Henry Christ

Editor's note: Y/e are happily doing the following stunt at every available opportunity. It is a far cry from the school days effect of 25 cards dealt into 5 hands tvd.ce and !.:r. Christ has brought into being a subtle problem with ramifications that ccver all trickiness.)

Any deck is shuffled, arte the reader should have a deck in hand while he reads, for the effect and method are being combined. The performer states that he will demonstrate a little "psychic poker" and show how one accomplished in the reading of minds coulc. very easily know exactly what cards were going to be played or what cards in a player's hand v/ere most important.

Four face down hands of five cards each are dealt onto the table and picked up by four spectators. Each is asked to peek at one of the cards ir. his hand and then shuffle them well. It is test that they "peek" at one because so many players to-day have good card memory and might remember more of their hand if they just fanned them out and thought of one.

During this time the performer brings out four coins, saying, "I hear people say so often that they wouldn't play cards with me, I'm even furnishing the money have anything to lose." begins with the player at the far left, taking tack the hand and giving, in return, one of the coins. The coins can be of any denomination but should. all be alike. However, the one difference between them are the dates, and they are given out from lowest to high. The first person therefore gets the. lowest dated coin. But that none of you will He

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