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There seems to be a trend towards gambling exposes, with performers digging back into their copies of Erdnase, Maskelyne, and Quinn, for material. Heretofore the performer has been content to do his stuff at a card table and let the watchers be properly amazed. But now it "is the thing" to talk about the cheaters and show "how" it all is accomplished.

So, the demonstrator picks up his pack of cards, talks quite knowinglv about sharpers, detailing an anecdote or two of meetings (?) between the wary and unwary, and then proceeds to deal hands of cards, under strict conditions, of course, which prove that all is not purity and chastity which meets the eye. My offering to this new clan,or type of deceiver,is an original set-up which can be called "universal" in scope. It is in two parts; "Rapid Set-Up" and "Expert Deal" after which shall be explained its possibili

ties. '7e must warn the reader, however, not to become alarmed at any seemingly difficult arrangements until he has perused on and found out to what extent he can fool the gullibles. I think, without reserve, that this printed secret is far beyond any yet to see the light of day, or the shadow of a dealer's eyeshade.

Set your first deck as follows: Separate the Aces, Kings, remaining Spades, and other cards. Nov/ pick them up, a card at a time, faces up in your hand --- Kings get 1st, 9th, and loth places. Aces are picked up for the 6th and 12th positions. Spades are taken for 2nd, 4th, 14th, 16th, and every fourth card thereafter. In between you pick cards from the ordinary- pile. Neglect the Spade cards among the Aces and the Kings until they're called upon to fill out the Spade contingent. The. entire deck of 52 cards is used up.

Deal six hands of Stud Poker. After the second card around is dealt show that you have a pair, back to back. Show your hole card, drop it face up upon your second card, and return them to top of deck. Return the other hands by turning each face up card face down upon its hole card and then putting both upon deck. Go clockwise from your hand.

Next deal five hands of straight poker, putting your(dealer's) cards face up. Upon the third round you are seen to have three Kings. Whereupon you stop, drop them onto deck, and follow with the other hands, one at a time in clockwise fashion.

Now speak of "21" or the game of Black Jack. Deal seven rounds. The dealer gets a "natural". The hole card is handled exactly as in the Stud Poker deal on the pickup.

Then comes bridge. The dealer proceeds to get 13 Spades.1 Need there be a more convincing demonstration? However, there is the climax yet to be introduced.

For the "Expert Deal", my extreme effort in stacked decks for the gaming men, I give you a set-up which truly accomplishes the unbelievable . With such a deck in hand, as later on we will attempt to make a rather easy accomplishment, you may fearlessly ask anyone to name a type of card gambling at which you can't ex-cell. And you prove your point, even if it has been necessary to stack a deck as follows:

From back to face:- 5S-10D-JD-10C-KS-JC-AC-10S-QP-KH-QD-JH-6S-KC-AH-10H-8S-3C-QH-KD-AS-8H-7C-5D-3S-4D-9C-AD-9S-5C-3H-5H-7S-4H-6H-2C-2S-8C-6 D-2H-4S-QC-6 C-9D-JS-9H-7H-2D-10S-4C-7D-8D.

I know well enough that there won't be more than two readers of The Jinx who actually will try out this laboriously evolved stack. But the two Who do will have a few month's jump on the others who, after seeing how well what is to follow looks in demonstration, will be exercising what ability they have to copy the act.

The arrangement as given is minus one card, the three of diamonds. In its place must be put a duplicate of the 10 of Spades. After our explanation of the hands possible of being dealt we shall talk of "cold" decks.

After the first demonstration the deck is switched for this grande finale. At this time the most prominent member of your audience is asked to participate. He is to name any of the games he might wish dealt, and in Stud or Straight Poker he may be asked further as to how many hands he would like played. In any case, the performer must win.

In Stud, whether 2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8 hands, the dealer shows a pair, back-to back, after the second round. If Straight Poker is called for, a 2,3 or 4 handed game will result in the dealer getting three of a kind. A 5 or 7 hand game will get the dealer four of a kind; a 6 handed game will result in a full house; and an 8 handed game will mean two pair for the performer who might other/vise be quite on the outside.

For Black Jack, or Twenty-One, deal seven, including yourself, and then say, " How can you ever expect to win against the combinations it is possible for me to find?'' As you say this, openly second deal the next card face up on your hole card and turn it over to show a "natural of 21.

For Rhuramy play a two-handed seven card game. The AH is turned up alongside the deck. If your opponent draws from the deck he'll discard it (10H) as of no use to him. You take it from discard or deck, as the case may be, and discard your JC. After a couple of deck plays back and forth the QH comes along followed by the KD. Either one of these will then win your hand out, as your opponent can't get both.

For Bridge merely straight cut the deck a few times and bring a Spade to the bottom. Then deal four hands of 13 cards, dealing your hand face up and the others face down. You get all 13 Spades and the extra 10S in the deck is buried among the other hands.

For demonstration work the two decks are unbeatable. Do the "rapid set-up" first, and then let the deck be shuffled and cut by some prominent member of the audience. Take it back and exchange it while you are asking that he name his favorite game. For this purpose the best way is to have a small black easel with cross pieces upon which the cards are deal so that the audience can plainly see them. The exchange is made in back of the easel. This method is that used by most of the lecture-demonstrators doing gambling expose work.


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