He lamas

card, holding it up. Then pick up the next two cards and show three Lama cards in a fan. Replace them upon deck and deal three cards face down, end to end, from right to left. Off to one side deal, singly and face down, the next three cards from deck. Actually, the first card (right end) of the row Is an indifferent card, the next two beside it are Lamas, and the off-side pile consists of two indifferent cards and one Lama.

Hold the deck in left hand as for dealing and push, with thumb, a few cards to the right. Under cover of this move get the left little finger under the third card. Bring right hand over, square the bunch of three with fingers at outer end and thumb at inner, saying, "We'll put two cards from the deck with each Lama," and the squared bunch is dropped overlapping the left end card in the row on table.

This action is repeated with the next three (apparently two) cards from off deck, and they are dropped upon the middle card. On the last card (right end, indifferent) the move is made in the same manner but in this case it is true. Cnly two cards are dropped, squared, upon the card.

Pick up the left end packet with left hand. Hold it face down with fingers on one side and thumb on the other. Really there are three, but apparently there are two. The right hand picks up the Lama card, shows, and apparently pushes it in between the left hand cards. It really goes second from the top of the three.

The mumble-jumble now takes place. You may even patter about the Lama's ability to project himself. Display the bottom card, remove it, and put it face up on table. Show the face of the next card, and, as you reach for it with the right fingers underneath and against its face, the thumb of the same hand pushes back the top card. Thus the face card, with Lama behind, is put face up upon the card already on table. The last card is turned over to show that the Lama has gone. It is dropped face up onto the others.

The off-side pile is turned up and one Lama card found there. It is dropped face down in the same spot, the face up pile just shown is picked up with right hand and put face down on top of the two cards left in left hand, and the whole dropped onto deck. Then, from the deck, are dealt two cards onto the off-side Lama card.

The next, or middle, packet is handled in the same manner as was the first. But, this time, when you put the shown cards (with Lama concealed) on deck, either slip the top card to bottom deliberately or make an idle shuffle to accomplish the same result. There is a Lama on top of the deck now, so you double lift and show an indifferent card apparently in that position. Replace the card (pair) and deal off the Lama card onto the off-side pile, face down.

Have a spectator hold the pack tightly. This time you do not show the Lama card as it is put into its group (the last pile, all of which are indifferent cards, and only three) but by this time you have convinced all, at least subconsciously, of your fairness. Build up this finish, bellowing "Cm-mani-padme-hum'1 in a rotund basso, and show the third Lama gone, using, of course, the same manner of moves as used previously, except that this time they are honest. Then fan the off-side group to show all three Lama cards together.

Watch magicians dive and scramble for the last three cards, 'then they don't find an extra Green Lama, either thete or in the pack, examined next, they generally look as if they believed in Lamaistic Chicanery, to 6ay the least.

(Editor's note: We have published this effect as with "Green Lama" cards. Actually necessary are three cards, with backs to match the deck you use, with faces alike and of an odd character, something foreign to a standard deck. For a stawped and addressed envelope (foreign country readers may omit their stamp) The Jinx, Waverly, New York, U.S.A., will furnish "Green

Lama" cards suitably printed on cards with the now standard Fox Lake back design. However, if the routine, a startling one, appeals to some magicians sufficiently, they might accept this suggestion. Blank cards with this back design are secured from a magic dealer. A photograph of the performer is printed upon the blank side. Three of these are used with the ordinary deck, and, at the finish, they can be left with the onlookers as a souvenir, as well as advertisement. The patter can be about the time you were near Tibet and learned a strange experiment only possible with a replica or reproduction of yourself.)

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