Hat Pincompact

An original method for securing a question or message makes use of a common hat pin. Holding the hat pin m 117 right hand,I request a spectator to write on a pieoe of paper, fold it into a small bundle, and stick the paper on the end of the pin. She first illustration is followed here.

There has already been stuck onto pin nother duplicate paper roll, which isn't visible because I am holding the needle between my thumb and first finger in a maimer so as to conceal the duplicate.

How, with the left thumb and forefinger 1 grasp the needle above the point where the right thumb and first finger hold it, thus covering the paper placed on needle by epeetatar. Sm left fingers asm tun tine rued Is mpelAe damn, whereby ■y own paper roll MV^m visible,and at ttw seM tlass the original pfsr baeeaws concealed U—suuu the tlaafc aid forefinger of the toTt hand.

it this paint X ask a member of my audience to grasp the needle by its h—ft end remove it fit«cm my band. By this action, the spectator's original paper is left in my left hand. Spectator now proceeds to hold the needle and impaled paper In full view of everyone while the writing is secretly read and acted upon according to the effect being presented.

Probably the easiest way for this part of the problem is to drop left hand to the pocket where there is a pad. Open paper against front of pad (It must be much larger), take it from pocket and pretend to mark down with pencil apparently received vibrations and impressions. You read the writing and then answer the question, seeming to do so from what you have pretended to scribble on the pad.

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it from the case jaks


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Ladies in the audience always make available a powder case, or compact, which becomes a valuable accessory In this feat of fake clairvoyance. It Is practical as an Interlude during your performance, and is am excellent publicity stunt for Impromptu work.

A compact having been secured,.the owner is asked to write a single word oñ a business card, enclosing it in the case. The performer is given the case behind back and he faces the audience. Immediately he says that the second letter is exceptionally clear and is round, like a letter "e" or "o." Then, after building up the effect with whatever showmanship the individual performer may have at his contend, the complete word is revealed, and the card In oase returned to spectators.

The powder case is not prepared. When I take the case in my handa <*lch I hold behind my back, I face the audience and can Issssdtetely tell that the letter in second place la round because in ant «asea a second letter 1ft a vowel. Behind ny back I am opening carefully the case' with my right band, and the card is removed. it is best, too, that one should use his own card of a business type that he tears in half for spectator. Previously you have nail nicked this oard s» that you will know the writing side by feel. Or use engraved cards so the printed side can be felt.

The removed card is palmed in the hand, and now case is brought around your right side,the card and writing beind seen by you underneath the case which is seen by audience at fingertips. Now, wliile revealing the word, the left hand grasps the oase,and the right returns to the back naturally. The left hand now returns to the back with oase, and as the card is put in and case closed, you fully reveal the correct word for your climax.

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