Magic can be performed as a trick after trick, or as a presentation of strange occur-ances making theirselves visible through the medium of the actor. The latter thought has been put into practise by myself and proven true. While X don't see fit to announce that I am an actor,when in front of the paid customers, my bearing of a magician leads people to believe all that I may say regarding other magicians. This is because a magician talks to his audience whereas an actor talks awav from them.

It has been quite some time since I have published material about tricks, so it should be fitting that The Jinx have first call for a routine which credits other masterly performers to the extent of presuming that they can make all of their powers apparent to those watching a "not dead yet" performer who knew and hobnobbed with them well.

This must be a performance where the magician has a stage or platform. On that platform he has two chairs,back to back in formation, with a sheet of glass across the 2 ft. space.A dummy hand rests on the glass.

A side table holds a plate of ten padlocks, another plate of ten keys, and a pack of ordinary playing cards.

To his audience the magician says something like this; "Ify life in magic has been a much more interesting one because of an intimate acquaintance with orthodox magicians, we magi do classify ourselves,

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