Hank Thb Hermit

Effect; A silk Is removed from the trousers pocket which is then shown empty. The silk Is marked with an Initialed label and then is vanished. A speotator produces It from the magician's pocket. The trick is repeated, and the spectator who Initialled the label Is asked to take the silk from the pocket, and identify It for himself.

The equipment needed is two 15-inch red silks, a box of gamed labels (Dennison Index Tabs Ho. 217), and a handkerchief pull. A pencil also Is in your pooket.

To prepare, write the word "Hank" across the top of one of the labels, and scribble a oouple of initials below it. Attach this label to the oorner of one of the silks. Roll this silk into a ball, starting from the oorner diagonally opposite the label whioh is thus saved from being too mnoh wrinkled. Conceal the marked silk in the top of the right-hand side trousers pook-et, and pat the other silk in the bottom part ef the same pooket. Attaoh the pull so that It hangs at the left side. By the way, it saves trouble to tie a loop in the end of the elaatlo eoxd of the poll. This loop may then be slipped easily and qulekly ever one of the baok suspender buttons.

Patter and presentation! (lots: the numbers refer to the list of moves given at end of this artiole. Moves which can easily be deduced from patter are omitted.)

■I'd like you to meet a funny little friend ef »Ine—a hermit handkerchief. Bank the Henait,

I oall him. This is bis save---and this is Bank.

He hates to appear in pablio; just look at blm blushl (1) But please doa't laugh at him; that makes It worse.

I suggest vo give Bank a formal christening. Will you be the godfather? Just remove one of these labels and write the asms 'Hank' across the top of it. That's fine, low, just as a matter of reoord, will you write your own Initial* belowT Thank you. How with this marked label we'll seal the hermit. (2) This, by the way, is known as hoimotio sealing.

You might like to see what Bank's oave looks like; so I'll pull the oave Inside out and show you. It's not very well furnished, but Hank doesn't seem to mind. (If lining of pooket is blaok, you might say that it's rather a blaok outlook for Hank.) Of course, he spends a good deal of his time at the bar (S) just around the corner here. (4)

Aa I told you. Hank is very shy with stranger«. In faot, he gets all belled up, like this, (8) so that he hardly know* where he is. (6) And I think you'll admit that it is pretty hard to tell. (7)

He's probably baok in his oave again. Will you (8) take a look and seoT (0) And here's

Bank—-complete with label.

Ho» (10) for the benefit of the two people In the last row who didn't quite see that, I'11 do it over again. Here is the empty oave. And at this point I'll take time out to pull up my sleeves, so that you'll be quite sure that Bank does not use the elevator. (11) Now we'll replace the oave in position, and oall on Bank to do his aerial act again. (12)

This time you know exaotly what to look for, so—it's up to you. Will you (15) ho Id my wrist? Just make sure there are no oonoealed exits. How watohl Old you see anything? Well, he's gone. (14)

I think you'd better send out a search party for your godson. (15) So you recognize him} You do? Thanks very muoh.

Mioe work, Hank I You oan go baok to bed now. (16) What's that? Oh—-you're thirsty, are youT All right. (17)

Moves as per patter cues»

1. Pray for a laugh.

2. Attaoh label in same position as on duplicate a ilk.

S. Replace lining, at the same time engaging oonoealed silk with thumb and pulling it down into main part of pooket. Leave it near mouth of pooket so that it will be easy for spectator to remove it.

4. Indicate hip pooket.

5. Roll up silk between palms, starting at oorner opposite label.

6. Palm silk away in right hand. I use the thumb palm — it's easier.

7. Slowly open left hand.

8. Address spectator other than the one who Initialed silk.

9. With right hand hold coat aside and look down at pooket. Keep hand well away from pocket. Spectator removes duplicate silk, which you take from him before he has a chance to thoroughly examine it. Hold it Tip casually so that the label shows; but do not give anyone a chance to see label at olose range.

10. As you speak this sentence, right hand goes into the pooket and shoves palmed silk into top of pooket. Take your time— there'■ no hurry.

11. Lay silk on table, and stand at right of table while pulling up eleeves.

12« Turn to table, so that left side is away from audience. Pick up silk with right hand, at the same time stealing pull with the left.

13. Address spectator who initialed label.

14. This time open the hand suddenly.

15. Band holds ooat aside as before, and the speotator is invited to reaoh into pooket and remove the silk.

16. Start to put silk into side pooket. Pause.

17. Put silk into hip pooket for finish.

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