This effect is totally new from the audience's point of view and that is something to be looked for in this day when effects are pretty difficult to evolve.

The performer states that very few people have a retentive mind and remember what they actually see. He states that in every accident case, there are contradictory stories about what actually happened. To prove his point he takes a deck from its case and shuffles.

Passing to a spectator and holding the deck very openly and fairly on his left hand he asks this party to lift up the corner and look at the top card. Without a move or suspicious action, the performer passes to a second party and they are requested to do the same and also remember the top card. Lastly a third party Is asked to look at the card and very openly the performer deals it onto the spectator's palm or on something where it is in full view.

Now performer repeats that he has made an actual test of his statement that no two people see things exactly alike. The first party is asked to stand and name the card he saw on top of the deck. He does. The second party then arises and names the card he saw. He does BUT IT IS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT CARD. The third person stands and names the one he saw AND IT IS STILL A DIFFERENT CARD! The performer shrugs his shoulders and tells them that they are all wrong. The third man turns over the card on table or that he is holding AND IT IS THE JOKER! The deck may then be tossed out if desired.

It will be readily seen how the effect lends itself to comedy if not too blatant. the effect upon the audience is good and will always be remembered. I advise the performer to call attention at the start that he is not performing any sleight of hand or card trickery but is just making an experiment In observation.

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Method: Like all good things, the actual working is 3imple and makes use of one feked card as per the illustration.

A half hour's work will make this card and it is composed of only two cards to start with, a picture card and a deuce. Cut the picture card in half down through the middle. Cut the deuce in half across the center. Both cards have thus been halved but in different directions. Now put these two. halves in a dish of cold water and leave for fifteen minutes. Then split each one half way. Cut off the split back half of the deuce and the front split half of the picture card. Without letting them dry and without adding any paste or glue whatever, lay these halves together as pictured, put between clean blotters and let dry overnight under a heavy weight. If this is done cleanly, neatly and accurately,as is very easy,you have a perfect looking card from the back (except for the missing corner) and it is as flexible as any other card in deck.

Vhen perfectly dry take a good rubber eraser and you canrubout half of the pip on the deuce. Now with jet black India ink, very carefully draw in the Ace of Spades as illustrated. Then it is ready to be used.

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