TH£ CARD THAT ISN'T.1 (Russell T fflse)

A A card, say the Ace of Hearts, is drawn, replaced and the deck shuffled and cut by the performer who announces that the top card is the one chosen. It is not however, but proves to be, say the Ace of Spades, which is layed face down on the table. The deck Is now handed the spectator with Instructions to spell out hla card, dealing one card for each letter. He spells out the Ace of Hearts letter by letter and turning up the last card finds it to be the Ace of Spades. Realizing that there cannot be two Aces of Spades he turns up the one on table and It Is the Ace of Hearts.'

An ordinary deck of cards may be used or one containing a short card. In an ordinary deck, bend one corner back sharply to break it and It becomes a locator card to be used the same way. For the sake of Illustration I shall use the Aces of Spades and Hearts although any cards can be used.

Prepare by placing the short card on top of deck and on top of it the number of cards required to spell ACEOFHEARTS. Eleven cards. Now place the Ace of Spades on top of all and lastly on top the Ace of Hearts. Now you are ready. Force the Ace of Hearts either by a slip pass to center or in any favorite way. Have it returned so that it can be brought back to the same position and deck will be the same as at start. Those who make a pass and straight fan force can pass to center, force, have it returned to same spot and passed back to top.

Now make a double lift of the two top cards and say that the top (?) card is the one. They all see the Ace of Spades and deny It. Turning it over the top card is dealt onto tne table and is supposedly the Ace of Spades but really tne Ace of Hearts. At this point you riffle quietly to the break caused by the short card and slip the top card to this break or Just above the short card. Hand the deck to the spectator with the request that he spell his card, the Ace of Hearts, and turn over the card he is at on the last letter.

He does this and gets the Ace of Spades instead. It makes the second Ace of Spades to show up so he now turns over the one on table and it is his card, mhen the top card is slipped to the break above short card It can be done slmPU by riffling up "^jlg" finger to breakln« point and then left fingers which come up around right slde of deck slip top card to right merely by right fingers lifting up top portion and then dropping it again. This is a really out. effect.

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