In endeavoring to present a four-ace trick not requiring the skill of a Vernon, Cardini, or Daley, this ".'hich fellows should help many. No blanket claims for originality is claimed. Aside from certain rather minor improvements which I made in collaboration with Mr. Ralph Schugar, his combination of moves are different from anything previously published. The fact that a borrowed deck may be used should appeal to the most fastidious.

Three double faced cards are added to any deck, an accomplishment not impossible even to the newest member of the I.B.M. These cards arĀ« the acee of hearts, diamonds, and clubs, with, preferably, a two,three, and four on their reverse sides.

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Holding the deck face up, with the three fake card aces face down, the performer says that for the purpose of the experiment he will remove the four aces from the deck. This he does, at the same time placing the fake cards in the third, seventh and eleventh positions from the "face of the deck. The four regular aces, after a casual showing of their backs, are placed face up in a row with the ace of spades third from performer's left.

Holding the deck still face up, performer places a card face up on each ace from left to right. This move is repeated with two more rows so that there are four piles of four face up cards, the ace of spades pile containing the three fakes.

, The deck minus these sixteen cards now is laid aside. Calling attention to the arrangement, the magus picks up the three indifferent cards from any pile (except the ace of spades pile) and puts them face down in his left hand. Squaring up the ace of spades pile to conceal the fake aces, these four cards next are laid face up on top of the cards in the left hand. Next three more indifferent cards are laid face down in the left hand, followed tar the J,hree remaining regular aces face down. Ihis leaves three indifferent cards on the table. They are placed face down on top of all cards held in the left hand.

It isn't as complicated nor as hard to remember as it may read if it is borne in mind that all cards are now face down with the exception of the ace of spades pile.

Turn over all cards in the left hand and remove the first three face up cards. These are placed still face up under all the others in hand. The top card in your hand is now the ace of spades, face down. Remove it and lay it face up on the table. The next three cards, with the fake "aces now showing, are placed in a row beside the ace of spades, keeping the ace of spades third from performer's left - as before.

Again turn the pack over in hand so that all cards are face down, and deal face down three at a time on each tabled ace from left to right. The three regular aces face down are now atop the ace of spades. Ey any method you choose, force this pile upon a spectator. Pick up the ace of spades, turn it face down and replace it on the bottom of its pile. This packet is now sauared up and placed in a spectator's pocket.

Calling attention to the ace of hearts, diamonds and clubs still on the table under their respective piles, performer lifts the top card of each nile and slides it face up under its ace.

The three piles on the table each have two cards face down and two face up. Gather these piles in any order and hold the packet at the end nearest performer's body between the thumb and index finger of the right hand, thumb underneath. Thus held the packet is placed in the breast pocket of spectator number two. Now command the three aces to disappear from number two's pocket. Remove his packet as before, between thumb and index finger, and place cards in your left hand, so that the end held by your finger and thumb is farthest from your body. This natural move reverses the packet and turns the fake aces from view. Deal cards slowly on trfbfte. face up. The aces have disappeared. Ask the first spectator to reach in his pocket -and - he finds all four aces.

If you can't do those much to be practised sleights so often described in ma^ic books, this really good four ace trick version will suffice to all ends, and even fool the experts who can't conceive or anyone using fake cards to accomplish a miracle.

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