George Pelaney

No. 1 - An Acrobatic Handkerchief.

Here is an informal version of that trick made famous by Blackstone. It cannot, by any conceivable length, approach such a masterful effect, but as an impromptu (appearing) item simplicity is the keynote.

All that is required la a clean handkerchief and a waxed paper drinking straw. This is drawn between the fingers so that it Is flat, and then it Is inserted in the hem of the handkerchief. About three inches of the hem are left free so that a knot may be tied In the corner of the handkerchief.

Until needed the handkerchief is kept in the inside coat pocket so that the straw may be kept straight. Then, drawing It from the pocket by the proper corner, a knot is tied, and then the hand Is passed down the hank, stroking it several times.

The bottom of the straw is held, and the hank stands upright. Now, by manipulation of the little finger, which should be behind the handkerchief, it can be caused to lean in any direction, or bob up and down. And at the end of such strange and unnatural movements as one can master the whole thing is merely crumpled up and returned to the pocket.

No. 2 - Flame in Duplicate.

The performer states that It's common knowledge that a safety match will light only on the side of its match box. As he says this he proceeds to light one. "However," he continues, "it is not so well known that if one uses the other side of the box the match will light again." And as he says these words he strikes the match, which has been blown out after its first lighting, on the other side of the box. It lights again - and the performer apparently has proved his point to the detriment of safety match manufacturers. The preparation for the effect, which should be presented in a most (continued on next page)

I know It is good. It can be done at any time and anywhere with borrowed material.

EFFECT #1. First of all the magician Is securely blindfolded. I always borrow two coins, half dollars or quarters, and place one over each eye. Then a pad of gauze Is placed over each ooin, followed with a cloth blindfold over all. This is a genuine blindfold and the method has a decided appeal to the layman.

The magician then requests the loan of a deck of cards which are thoroughly shuffled before they are handed to him. Any card is now freely selected, revealed to everyone except the magician, and returned to the deck. The performer then runs the cards with faces towards the audience, from one hand to the other, telling everyone to mentally think the word "stop" when the selected card comes into view. And under such conditions as these he succeeds in stopping on the chosen pasteboard.

EFFECT #2. Saying that due to the favorable conditions which resulted in your being able to discover the chosen card you will attempt to go a step further, you proceed to have three cards selected, revealed to all, and returned to the deck which again Is shuffled and cut several times. Once more the performer runs the cards face outward from hand to hand and stops at all three of the chosen cards.

PERPLEXITY (continued from last page)

cards from the pack.

If the two numbers total less than 20 - as two and nine, a total of eleven - remove that many cards from the heap. In this instance, that would mean a removal of nine cards.

If the two numbers total exactly 20, as seven and thirteen, go right ahead and deal without adding or subtracting any cards. Even If both person take the same card, the trick works. Por Instance, both take card number seven. Add seven to seven - fourteen. Take six cards from the top and deal. This occurence is not desirable, but It seldom happens and the trlok works anyway.

WO TRICKS (continued from last page)

nonchalent manner as though It were information that everyone should know.

A bit of double-sided adhesive tape on the bottom of the box does the trlek. If none is available, some Sootoh tape oan be made Into a ring, adhesive side out, and then pressed to the bottom. At any rate, a safety match is dipped a quarter of an Inch Into black Ink and then allowed to dry. Then it is stuck to the adhesive on the box and the whole thing placed in the pocket.

Removing the box it Is held in left hand while the right takes a natch from it. Make sure that the head of the concealed match is away from you. The removed (from box) matoh is lit, allowed to burn a few seconds, and then blown out. How, as the burned match rests on the right hand fingers, the left hawl places the box directly over the match, bringing away the concealed fake. Apparently the box and the natch have been traded, In order that the other (left) side of the box may be used. The fake (inked) mtch looks exactly like the original burned matoh and no exchange la susplcioned. The fake natch Is lit and the first one carried to the pocket stuck to the bottom of the box. The box should be held very carelessly before and after, by the ends, making it evident that the Bands are otherwise empty.

Por the record, Oeorge MoAthy conoelved of the effeot of lighting a match twice, but his method used a second match head clipped to the other end of the first matoh and it could not be plainly shown that one was actually striking a burned (t) matoh for the second time, not to mention the additional labor in preparing the matoh.

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