From William Laksen

October 15, 1936

Dear Annemann;

It is night and I am at home. Charles Miller, in my opinion the most skilled card man I have ever seen, just left. I have done all the work on the Genii it is possible to do, thus far. Tomorrow Is an easy day, all my friends are sobering up, and I, alone, remain awake to curse the heat of a tropical evening and answer your letter with the first of the combinations I promised.

It is all taken from the 3ummer, 1935 Extra, and has been successfully performed, not only before lay audiences, but also at a meeting of Los Magico's. It runs a trifle over ten minutes.

The items are as followss

1. Par-Optic Vision.

2. It Goes This Way.

3. Horrors.

PATTER: "Bear in mind that what is to follow is not, in any sense of the word, conjuring. It is, instead, a practical exhibition of certain definite psychic phenomena. The first item will be a showing of par-optic vision; the second, telepathy; the third, mental compulsion and prediction.•

"For the purpose of what is to follow I shall need the assistance of one of your members. Will you step forward, Sirt I assure you that yon will be accorded every dignity and full respect. Were it possible, I should like to have the entire audience to come upon the stage. However, due to limitations of time and space, it will be necessary that this gentleman be your envoy and ambassador, and represent all of you. "

Proceed with Par-Optic Vision.

"That was par-optic vision, or the ability to see without the use of the eyes. Such was the power with which the renowned Spaniard, Joaquin Argamasilla, saw through metals and into boxes. Such is also, probably, the secret of Master Pat Marquis, the boy who claims to be guided by the spirit of a departed Persian, and who has made a sensation manipulating an ouija board while blindfolded."

"Only slightly related to par-optic vision is telepathy, which I shall now demonstrate..."

Here I digress slightly, have a card merely glimpsed, and name it. Then, using the cards prepared a3 described in the Jinx, I have one spectator take a card. The pack is handed to another spectator, who is requested to fan it and have the selected card replaced. This is followed by having the pack shuffled, run through face up, and, after sufficient concentration, the selected card is found.

"Thus you have witnessed demonstrations of par-optic vision and telepathy. Now we come to the most.difficult of all the psychic sciencesi to predict a thought---which is done by one person controlling the mind of another."

"Vie shall not use cards. While it is necessary to use some material objects for concentrat-ive purposes---and cards, because of their brilliant simplicity would be admirably suited to the purpose---I realize that you have seen tricks done with cards. And this is in no way a trick*

"Therefore, I shall use something which cannot, rationally, be subjected to suspicion; the detective story. I have a book; an anthology of crime. From it I have culled certain words, familiar to all, which have a definite place in crime fiction. These words I have tyoed. and sometimes duplicated, on these slips of paper."

"In the book I have selected a passage which ends with the word I will compell you to select

The book really serves a purpose, aside from the story. In the book, near the center, is pasted the guide sheet. Any book will do, just so the title isn't too obvious. After the selection is made the performer computes the word from the guide sheet and apparently reads a passage from the book which ends with the selected word. Really he makes it up as he goes along. Assume, for example, the word was "haunted house". He apparently reads! Then, when it was already dark, they arrived at the haunted house."

So much for the combination. I hope the others will like it and get as much out of it as I do.

As ever your friend

0 0

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