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("I think this a fine letter. It shows a spirit agreeing with our review columnists' efforts to make magic better." Anmsmann)

Ted Annemann Waverly, New York

Ted Annemann Waverly, New York


Dear Ted;

. — i. - _ r would much rather you had re viewed the show than the guy that did. I must have been awfully lousy or he had a reason to get back at me because of something that happened or was said, and rather than think it was the latter, because several S.A.M. members saw my show at Hershey, Pa. last Sept., and picked me from all the others, and believe me Ted there were some dandies, far better than I and I don't mean

Just who is this MASTER Robert Rochotcr, New York Houdin, jr.? or perhaps it is a secret, Ted. I would very much like to have him give me a complete description of what he means by all the faults of the average magician. He says stock magic and I wonder who did any original magic in the show and if he ever saw the Rice Bowls done as I did them.

I do so want to be a good magician and am sure he can instruct me so I can be as good as he. If this was his honest opinion, okey, but if it is because of what haooened I don't think it fair.

I saw the balance of the show outside of Bonnert and enjoyed it imiensely.

With best wishes

Ted and may I hear from you.


Fantasy Outruns Fact in War's Race for Secret Weapons

Th. London niuatraM

'By Jove, Bracegirdle, he's got something there!'

Th. London niuatraM

'By Jove, Bracegirdle, he's got something there!'

J^ e T grow older I find it easy to make mistakes, but I find it as easy or more to compare my errors with those of still greater men in our chosen profession. And that leaves me with plenty of ground to cover. When, in that answer to the "eight points" condition contract for The Sphinx vs. M.U.M. (Jinx #131), Mr. John Mahomet saw fit to say that "officers of the Society have elected to disregard their end of the contract", he erred, to be kind, for any faults he may have had in mind could only have been blamed upon previous administrators. In turn we are guilty (and first to admit our miswritten words?) of mentioning Mr. Proskauer in connection with a "deal" concerning us and including the words "relief funds", said funds being a part of the Parent Assembly S.A.M. 's policies, '.'/hile we take nothing back and do-hot care to change one word or what we wrote in issue No. 133, we do apologize for not making it clear that we were writing about Mr. P's political position of a few years ago when the event of our collusion occured. The S.A.M. Relief Pond today is administered faithfully by three people, only one of whom can be contacted personally. No recipient of money for aid need fear that anyone outside of these three knows to whom it goes. And that statement includes the highest officers. Like Mr. Mahomet, time has passed us by in some instances, and the new regimes are far better than those we knew "when".

JfoolWorth's 5 & 10/ store at 50th & 7th Ave in N.Y.C. opened a large magic counter the last of March, pushing it to the extent of a window display and a girl in top hat and tails to show how the coin could slide down a tin shute into a match box, and execute other principles of interest to most of us. We had an ace cameraman steal photos of us at the counter (Woolworth stores confiscate films of pics taken in their emporiums regardless of the subject) but before we could show you the layout here the project was discontinued. Nobody bought the stuff! And thumb tips were selling at 25<tx.---N.Y.C. courts ruled that a critic - or anyone else - could be barred from a theatre if its operators wished. Morris L. Srnst, brother of the late S.A.M. president, and America's foremost expert on civil liberties, concurred with the findings and said to a columnist, "The law's against you." A N.Y. State Assemblyman thought the law worth changing. At first introduction his bill was killed in committee. He recently reintroduced it and the bill became law. In New York State, at least, you can't be barred from theatres because you are a reviewer. The instigator of the bill, both times, was Irwin C Davidson, a member of the S.A.M. He used to be at all meetings. Now he helps to make laws. We need magically conscious people in the higher snots. It'6 too bad that exposing still is a constitutional right. --- British communications lately have said that in the army, navy and air forces, the rosters reveal more than 100 professional magicians in the service, most of them as officers in the camouflage corps. The "Great Maskeleyne" was last reported in Libya, directing his outfit with designed uniforms to make them "more or less" invisible. --- Dunninger, as usual, managed to hit the metropolitan papers during the month with a "whip-off" of some medium who wanted to snare the much touted $10,000 prize. We wonder what would happen if someone won it. And John Mahomet, Sphinx Editor, garnered a page in the Sunday Mirror of Apr. 6, featuring a pic of him studying out a trick for his magazine. Both picture and the action displayed were a plain case of libel.


The best piece of decent publicity to hand was from Dayton, Chio. The Daily News did a Sunday section on March 23 headed by a front page photo of Bob Anderson entitled "Nothing Exposed." Four inside pages continued the layout of interest-exciting photos and Daytonians made it a real "come-on" for magic instead of the usual "lay off, it's simple" type of stuff you see tweed by disgruntled and "lsld-off" magicians. -— And, by the way, our Canadian subscribers can send us $1 notes. We'll accept them at face value. You stuck by us during peace times and v/e'll stick by you now on your own currency basis. That goes for England, too, if the law lets the lettuce out.

I wonder how many of the present generation ever heard of or knew anything about Ottokar Fischer? His Vienna address was the only one we ever knew. He died last December 1st at 67 years of age. That's kind of young for a nan with a hobby such as he had. Especially a hobby that he played so hard. It Was magic, of course, and it became a hobby after professional years that saw him before crowned heads of Europe when crowned heads meant that you had to be good to be recognised. Dr. Joseph Fries, of N.Y.C., was a personal friend of Herr Fischer. Other magical magazines have, by this time, told you of the incidentals to life such as birth.alia death and association with magicians. Bui Joe Fries cried one night while he told us of Otto Fischer and his sincere kindliness towards magic and magicians. He related one story of.Herr Fischer's collecting mania. On his first visit Dr. Fries was shown a large room of over 3000 shelves. "Mention someone," asked Ottokar Fischer, "anyone you know or ever heard of connected with magic." Dr. fVies picked a relative of a known magus, a person who had tried to nick up the war*! but dropped it soon after. Herr Fischer dug into those accumulated cubby-holes and came out with a sheaf of folders and notes regarding the person! Dr. Fries told us that he saw more complete sets of American magical society programs than he ever had seen here. And he said that it gave him an eerie feeling to be so many thousands of miles from home and find this data so familiar. Ottokar Fischer had a brother. He notified all magical depots and papers of the death. I hope all of that collection doesn't get lost or broken up. Even if we never see it I want to know it exists somewhere. And with it will be the soul of its collector.

We've still a few Green Lama cards left for those who want to send a stamped envelope and do the trick in issue #127 as per instructions and patter, but you «till can get the same mechanical results by using extra Jokers. ---

If anything is worth mentioning it's a letter from W. J. Gallagher. He resided, or did, in Cairo, Egypt. Stamped, cross-marked, cross-examined, his communication took from Nov 15th until today, April 24th, over 5 months to get here. It makes this page seem rather futile, knowing it won't get back to a magic lover for a long time. What must he care about whether John Mahomet got his picture in the paper or Reuben Humdrum was held over at the Rainbow Room? Mr. Gallagher's epistle of 5 months ago said that he had joined the British Arab force suid that he didn't have much time for writing.

Last minute notes: Bobby Weill, who annoys Genii with remarks they continue to print, is getting fat---Russell Swann, still at N.Y. 's

Warwick Hotel,could put movie star lyle Talbot in hell for that drunken know-all-about-magic appearance during Russ' show. — George Karger, who photo'd the Life-Clark expose, and as guilty as we can prove, will not be expelled by the


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