Fro U Beyond Tbb Grave


Here is an effect which is original with me and one that has been reposing in my notebook for several years, ky idea orisinallv easier. Hand them to a spectator and ask that they use any one of them. Take back those left and ask the person to thiak for a moment of a relative or friend who is not living. This name, (first and last) they are to write on one side of the card awl keep it writing side down. The card is returned to the packet of blanks and a spectator shuffles them well, ihe performer now takes them and as he drops them off top, one at a tiae, the spectator who wrote is asked to spell the dead name letter by letter. As the last letter is reached, the performer holds the card at which he has arrived. The spectator repeats the name and the card is turned over. It is the dead name card and everything is left with audience!

If my reader doesn't consider that a different and effective bit of business I've been sadly fooled by the number I've done It before, .ihen torn apart It is nothing but a card spelling trick in a weird dress. Some may prefer doing it with blank playing cards because of the ease in manipulation but I don't agree with this because cards of this type give the ii,.press Ion of a card trioJC immediately. My safe and sure method has two variations depending upon the performer's desire fer cleanness. After the selection of a card I would take back the rest and hand spectator a pencil. Turning back while he wrote,. I'd cross ans and exchange the packet for one trimmed a little narrower. Don't make them shorter as they are shuffled at ends. Have card returned and mixed by spectators themselves, liow take them (always being careful to have packet kept right side up throughout) and as a further bit of mixing cut several times and bring the wide*card to the top. Cut one more card on top of this making it second down. Do this carelessly while telling of the affinity between the card written upon and the deceased person and how differently it now vibrates from the rest, .is you ask writer to spell aloud letters as you deal, gesture with hand holding packet and turn it completely over. No difference can be seen.. Now deliberately deal a card each time the spectator gives a letter. I have never had any-trouble knowing when the end of the name is coming up and as you deal off the card for the letter third from last, leaving two to go, turn the packet over as you put card down. That is why it is best to put each card down with a deliberately sweeping motion. Now the dead name card will show up on the last letter.

If the reader desires, he can cut the dead name to the top, turn packet, deal off until last letter has been spelled, and then allow writer to take off the "JEXT card, turning the packet over as you approach him. I don't recommend it aa attention is focused on you at the last minute and the other version is clean at this point. If the reader doesn't care to switch packets he can previously trim one a little shorter and force this card on spectator for the writing. I have used this when doin : the trick impromptu with a packet of business cards but still prefer the switch because of the freedom allowed spectator at all times. However you do it though, you'll find that here 13 an effect away from the usual run and one that will excite comment.

The Jinx Is an Independent mon-

The Jinx Is an Independent mon-

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