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out. The hacking Is pulled a little to the right while the left thumb exerts pressure, and thus the inserted picture card is drawn out somewhat. The thumb relaxes while the backing Is moved to the left which brings the edp;e of the insert against the left end of frame and the thumb then presses again. This time the right hand removeĀ® the backing with one move and the picture card is laying inside the frame against the glass.

At this time you look towards the person who has the plain pasteboard asking if he is satisfied with his examination. Lay the frame on the table with the backing overlapping it and get the pasteboard from the audience. Pick up the frame alone with left hand, always keeping Its aide edge towards the audience and, holding it as before, lay the retrieved pasteboard not quite entirely into the frame. Its right end is up onto the frame's end about a quarter inch.

Pick up the backing as before and slide it into the frame. The astute reader will have no Illusion here about what happens. The trimmed lip of the backing makes easy the engagement of the pasteboard's end and the action slides the blank piece directly inside the backing. Now the fasteners are applied. Someone is asked to hold the frame on his lap with both hands on top.

Next a card or picture Is chosen by my foroe method. I will explain it with ordinary cards but many times I have used it with picture postal cards for effectiveness. In such a case it Is necessary to have a photograph made of the one to force and enlarged to fit the frame you use.

There are hundreds of tricks depending upon a force. If the force is correct and convincing the experiment retains all of its mystery. If it Is doubtful to the audience the experiment never has a convincing climax. And here is another draw back. Previously known methods required the performer to run down to the audience or a person has to come to the performer.

I have eliminated these disadvantages with an original method used for many years. You show a perfect pack and shuffle it. You want a card selected giving a fair chance. You show a drapeless table or any cleared flat place and tell that you would drop cards one by one on your left palm or something, and at this time you carelessly pick up a fan (a flat fan on the order of a ping-pong bat. Ed.) and show it.

You tell them that if after dropping one card onto the fan from the deck in the right hand with its back up they do not like it, you will drop it on the floor, but if it is selected you

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