So there it all is. If it can go well out in the west it shouldn't do bad in the east. We'd like to see someone try it.

Howard Warringer•forwarded a nice perplexer for the wise boys who know daub, crimps, and fingernicking. We might coin a title and call it "FIWGERAIIRA." You illustrate how a spectator leaves an aura of Influence around a card which he has handled and that such an aura can be detected by the fingertips. The spectator shuffles his own pack which performer may not have yet touched. The performer turns his back, puts his hands behind, and receives the pack which he then fans for a free selection. The noted card is placed on top of all and the spectator cuts as much as he wishes. The performer now faces front and by feeling the cards with his fingertips locates the card without fall.

Check those conditions and you'll appreciate the subtle use of Scotch Cellophane Tape (self sticking) obtainable in all stationary stores. Just a small piece is stuck on the inside edge of the back of your coat. It will stay there for hours and you are ready at any time.

Hand pack to be shuffled. Put hands behind back and get the tape, sticky side up, in the right hand. Turn back to spectators and ask for cards. Take with left hand, transfer to right, and stick tape on bottom card's index corner. Selection is made, replaced on top and the spectator cuts. Take cards back, face front, and pass them from left to right feeling index corners with right fingers. Cut deck to bring the taped key to bottom, pull off tape and stick on coat. Bring cards to front and reveal the card as you wish. And you're ready for a repeat.

AUTHEKTICAL (continued from page 487)

The packet is placed cm your table in front of the audience, face up, and the board-tray laid on top. The end of the thread frcm the packet is tied to a table leg and the rest of the slack allowed to hang free or may be coiled on the table.With the rest of the deck containing three duplicates of the cards to rise, the rubber band, and perfect confidence, you are set.

The three duplicates are forced frcm the deck and returned. The deck is placed face up on the table for a second as the board is- picked up and shown. The deck, however, is placed directly on top of the threaded packet.

The board is put down for a moment while the deck, including the threaded packet at its back, is picked up and the rubber band snapped around it. This band is about \ or 3/8ths of an inch wide and large enough to just snugly fit the deck with one turn around it. Experience will show the performer that it should not fit too tightly, nor too loosely. Also be careful that the band is put over the end opposite to that end where the thread comes out. AND REMEMBER, THAT UNLIKE THE OLDER VERSIONS WHERE THE THREAD COMES OUT AT THE TOP — IN THIS VERSION THE THREAD COMES OUT AT THE BOTTOM.

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