Finger Finger

^■\his is one of the most thought provoking A little secrets to be evolved in many a moon. Dr. Van Deusen learned of it at a Paris hotel bar, and it is being passed on, for to the best of our knowledge the effect has never been published for magicians.

In action and conception the procedure resembles a "finger" game quite popular with members of the Italian race. In effect the performer acts as a medium or thought reader and turns his back upon two spectators who will act as transmitters. Both of these spectators now hold out from 1 to 5 fingers, and the total of the two hands is called aloud. Immediately the performer tells correctly the number of fingers each spectator is showing.

Now check that effect against these "perfect" conditions and control features. The medium may be honestly blindfolded or in another room within hearing distance if desired. Either of the two spectators may call out the total. Either of the two spectators may hold out his chosen number of fingers first. This avoids any thought that one spectator may be adding to the other's choice in order to reach a prearranged total. The stunt may be repeated indefinitely.

In short, the conditions under which the stunt is done absolutely allay any suspicions that a confederate Is used. And before the reader goes further, let him suppose that a "3hill" is used. How, under the aforementioned conditions, could such an assistant get the information across?

Well, there is a confederate - out. of the two spectators. The trick was being booted all


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over Paris by two "wise" characters in search (quite successfully, too) of free bar booty. It is hereby revealed - but for magical and ent-tertalnment purposes only.

The first time it is worked, the confederate always puts out 2 fingers. Thus, from the total called, the performer can name how many fingers each person Is showing. Prom then on, however, the confederate always holds out the same number of fingers as did the victim on the previous trial. Knowing the total, the performer merely subtracts and again and again is correct. After any cessation of the stunt, the slate is clean and a new start means that the assistant U3es 2 as his starting number. A variation of the computation can make it really lnde-tectable. kVhatever the victim holds out is divided by two and the resultant number of fingers used by the confederate the next time. Where an odd number of fingers are held out, 1 is added to make an even number and then divided in half. Try this out on any one or five of your wisest magi friends I1III!

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