Joseph JC

Avery effective cut and restored rope trick which has served me well in my rope routine is the following; In effect, a single length of rope is shown, cut exactly in half at ita mid-portion and then restored into a single unit again.

The secret lies in the use of an accessory piece of rope which is made in this manner. Cut a smaller piece of rope about 10 inches long. Unite the ends so that a small ring of rope is made from this. Union can be made by winding a small piece of adhesive tape at the Joint, or better, spirally tying a fine piece of thread (about four turns) around the over-lapping ends and snipping away the excess portions (see Pig. 1). With the finest available white thread, make a single tie around this accessory piece of rope after it has been folded in little short of half, and In such manner that the Joint portion is at the longer end (see Fig. 2). The single length of rope Is looped through the gimmick portion as In Fig. 3. The rope is now prepared. A scissor over-lying the gimmick portion of the rope will hide this effectively.

Pick up the rope and scissor with the left hand. Transfer scissor and one end into the right hand. Hold the other end in such a manner that the gimmick is concealed palmed in the left hand (see Fig. 4). There is apparently a single piece of rope. Pair the two ends in the lert hand. Bring down the left hand along the rope as if to stretch out the rope full length but




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