really carrying down the threaded rope (see Fig. '5). With a little pressure the fine thread Is broken releasing the circled rope Into its full dimension. Bring this end up as in Tig. 6. Cut at point shown, and effectively demonstrate two apparent cut pieces.

The rope Is now restored by any of the following methods:- (a) Snip the rope again as closa to the index finger as possible. With the usual subterfuge of welding the pieces together with the right hand, eto., etc., show the rope whole and throw it out to audience for examination or (b) show two apparent out pleoes of rope. Tie the ends of the smaller piece which Is wrapped around the large piece. When this is done tightly, the rope may be banded out for examination without fear of deteotlon. Then cut away entirely the small pleoe which Is knotted around the longer rope. Apparently the rope haa restored itself into one piece again, and la thrown out for keeps.

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